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.30 Weekly revue: 2017 week #52 (December 23 to 29)
.24 Weekly revue: 2017 week #51 (December 16 to 22)
.23 Weekly revue: 2017 weeks #49-50 (December 2 to 15)
.18 Weekly revue: 2017 weeks #47-48 (November 18 to December 1)

December 30, 2017

Weekly revue: 2017 week #52 (December 23 to 29)

Food: Mostly curry :)
- Deer and tachiuo (largehead hairtail fish), and a dessert of azuki (red beans) and chocolate at Tapir, Shin-Ōkubo
- Samrasa, Shinjuku
- Anjali, Shimokitazawa
- Marujō, Ikenoue

Tapir Tapir Sanrasa संरसा Anjali, Shimokitazawa
Marujō / マルジョウ, Ikenoue Marujō / マルジョウ, Ikenoue Marujō / マルジョウ, Ikenoue Marujō / マルジョウ, Ikenoue

Music event: - Dropped by a free event at Trunk (Hotel) in Shibuya that featured a DJ set by FPM! It had been a while since I had seen him so it was good to catch up with his current sound, which mixed electro, lounge and funk. A notably good way to end this year of good music!


Music release news: Nomiya Maki, Takkyu Ishino

Nomiya Maki "Nomiya Maki, Holiday Shibuya-kei o utau." (2x7") Takkyu Ishino "ACID TEKNO DISKO BEATz"

This week's videos: Three full songs from the upcoming rock musical movie "The Brand New Legend of the Stardust Brothers" have appeared on YouTube! The movie opens on January 20 at Theatre Shinjuku.

"hoshikuzu kyodai, tsuki e yuku" sung by Nomiya Maki feat. Stardust Brothers

"hoshikuzu kyodai no densetsu" theme song sung by Stardust Brothers (Miura Ryōsuke & Takeda Kōhei)

"sakasama tenshi" sung by Cutie Bunny (Arakawa Chika)

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December 24, 2017

Weekly revue: 2017 week #51 (December 16 to 22)

Food: - Salmon & salmon curry at Shake Stand, Daitabashi

しゃけスタンド / Shake Stand しゃけスタンド / Shake Stand

Music event: - I went to check out a free event held at Agnès b. Ginza Rue du Jour, featuring a DJ set by Milo Oyamada (son of Oyamada Keigo aka Cornelius) and a live set by Maika Loubté! Milo spinned vinyl and did a very enjoyable selection. Maika played almost a full hour of her songs! I got to buy her new 7", "Candy Haus" (incl. a cover of "Video Killed the Radio Star") and she autographed it for me! Merci Maika!! :)

Set list: Open me / Universal Metro / Candy Haus / Kind Devils We Are Counting Numbers / Nobara / Prismé / Sky Diver / You & I / Mountaintop

DJ Milo Oyamada @ Agnès b. Ginza Rue du Jour DJ Milo Oyamada @ Agnès b. Ginza Rue du Jour Maika Loubté @ Agnès b. Ginza Rue du Jour Maika Loubté @ Agnès b. Ginza Rue du Jour
Maika Loubté @ Agnès b. Ginza Rue du Jour Maika Loubté @ Agnès b. Ginza Rue du Jour Maika Loubté @ Agnès b. Ginza Rue du Jour

This week's video: Maika Loubté "Candy Haus"

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December 23, 2017

Weekly revue: 2017 weeks #49-50 (December 2 to 15)

Food: - Gratin, fish & chips, beef stew and apple pie at Bespoque (Now closed until the end of January)
- Saag chicken curry and chai pudding at Orchestra, Nishi-Ogikubo

Bespoque Bespoque Bespoque Bespoque
Bespoque Orchestra, Nishi-Ogikubo Orchestra, Nishi-Ogikubo

Exhibition: - Went to an exhibition of Maki Hirochi's latest "Kichijōji dake ga sumitai machi desuka?" manga (#5 published this month). Held at Daily Coffee Stand in Nogata, where characters enjoy a cafe latte in the book, the original pages of the Nogata chapter are on display. The coffee was great and the owner looked just the same as in drawing. :) Bringing the book gives you a free sticker! This goes on until December 31.

This series is about a real estate agent in Kichijōji ran by twin sisters who love heavy metal. Whenever someone comes to look for a home in Kichijōji, one of the most popular places where to live in Tokyo, they take the surprised customer to a completely different place in the city. Every time real shops and places are depicted accurately and in great detail, and you can feel the love for each. It's what I like in Maki Hirochi's books, same for the "It will be breakfast at Tiffany some day" series.

吉祥寺だけが住みたい街ですか? x Daily Coffee Stand 吉祥寺だけが住みたい街ですか? x Daily Coffee Stand 吉祥寺だけが住みたい街ですか? x Daily Coffee Stand

Unrelated to the exhibition, but last month the latest "It will be breakfast at Tiffany some day" (#12) was published, and I got bookmarks made of cut-up original frames in a giveaway the author was doing on Twitter! And a nice Christmas card too! Thanks!!! :D

いつかティファニーで朝食を #12 w/ Xmas card & bookmark!

Music events: - On December 10 at Shichōshitsu in Jinbōchō was an event by band SOLEIL, formed of singer Soleil, bassist Sally Kubota and guitarist Nakamori Yasuhiro. The event began with a talk show with Mayutan, who was producer for the singer's previous unit Tanqun Democracy. Together they wrote new lyrics to a self-introduction song, originally Tanqun Democracy's "jikosho", and then sang it together. Then followed a show with the band, accompanied by The Scooters' drummer, and Kunimi Tomoko (Wack Wack Rhythm Band) and Lemon for back-up vocals. The short but sweet set list consisted of "Pinky Fluffy", new song "koi suru Guitar" (for which Soleil used a fancy broomstick as a guitar) and another new song inspired by manga "watashi wa Shingō". The encore was a rocking session with Soleil playing drums.

On my way back, I dropped by Disk Union in Jinbōchō and happened to find an early promo sonosheet by Sally's 80's band The Phantom Gift! :)

SOLEIL @ 試聴室 SOLEIL @ 試聴室 SOLEIL @ 試聴室 SOLEIL @ 試聴室 SOLEIL @ 試聴室 SOLEIL @ 試聴室 The Phantom Gift sonosheet!

- On December 15 was an event at Shimokitazawa Shelter that featured Kaji Hideki and Neil & Iraiza. Neil & Iraiza being back this month with a new album after 15 years (Timeless Melodies), I just had to go! Ihe place was very packed! First on stage was Kaji Hideki, backed by band Otogivanashi for the first time in Tokyo. They were really great, and thanks to the unusual personal the set included some songs that aren't normally often played live.

Kaji Hideki set list: Siesta / amai koibito / Ice Cream Man / Lucky loves you / Love Is All / Have a Lovely Day! / My Favorite Tofflor / My Boom Is Me

Next was Neil & Iraiza who did a set mostly of older songs, and just a new one. Chabe and Horie Hirohisa, both playing keyboards and guitars, were backed by a bassist and girl drummer. So many great keys, Chabe's percussions, and those two sharing main vocals in great nostalgic songs. They did play one song from the new album, "Clock Park Orange". After the show I bought the new album and got a signed card! I've been listening to it almost everyday since, it's just wonderful with all those warm synths and catchy melodies, and a final track that makes you want to push the "play" button again.

Neil & Iraiza set list (from Twitter): Middle Man / Can I Do It / Wasted Time / Dream On The Weaver / Clock Park Orange / My Favorite Shoes / The Picture of Summer Again / Cowboy Kate / Violetta / Tragedy of the Soft Rocker

Last to play was the band that organized the event, Comeback My Daughters. They had a fun vibe, and a very good rock sound with an enjoyable pop sense. Their sound had some country influences. It's not the type of music that I normally listen to, but I really enjoyed seeing them on a shared bill like this. Also thanks for this remarkable booking!

KAJI Hideki w/ Otogivanashi Neil and Iraiza
Neil and Iraiza Comeback My Daughters

Music release news: Nosa Reina, Neil and Iraiza, Vanilla Beans, Duke Aces, Maika Loubté

Nosa Reina "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday" (Download) Neil and Iraiza "Timeless Melodies" Vanilla Beans "Necco ~watashi no mono~" (Download) Duke Aces "atarashii uta" (7") Maika Loubté "Candy Haus" (7")

This week's video: Manon "Young Dumb & Broke"

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December 18, 2017

Weekly revue: 2017 weeks #47-48 (November 18 to December 1)

Food: - Oden at Tapir (again!) :)

Tapir Tapir Tapir

Exhibition: - Went to see the Tara Books exhibition at Itabashi Art Museum. Tara Books is a publishing company in Chennai, India, which silkscreens by hand many of its picture books. We had the chance to find some of their beautiful books at a bookstore in Delhi. Turns out they are known everywhere in the world, especially for "The Night Life of Trees" which was translated in many languages. This exhibition teaches about the publisher and its silkscreen process, and there is a lot of beautiful artwork exhibited, and of course the books themselves which can be browsed freely. This exhibition goes on until January 8.

Tara Books (India) exhibition @ Itabashi Art Museum Tara Books (India) exhibition @ Itabashi Art Museum Tara Books (India) exhibition @ Itabashi Art Museum Tara Books (India) exhibition @ Itabashi Art Museum Tara Books (India) exhibition @ Itabashi Art Museum

Music events: - On Sunday November 26, I went to "Joy Ride vol.240" at Akihabara Cypher mainly to see Elektel, a unit I've loved ever since finding out about them on [the old] in 2000! Elektel did a very cool set featuring singer Tomoko (ex-Jellyfish), with a mix of old and new songs!

I also got to see Love The Candy's (unit of Cutemen's Picorin), which had a very cool 90's techno sound, Omoshiro Sangokushi, and Francis (aka Ori Makoto, ex-Collectors) who surprised with a funky set that mixed elements of electro, chanson, rock, finishing with a cover of "Copacabana" that had everyone dancing. I got Francis' latest release, Francis avec Haruko "Jamón, jamón" which is great!

Elektel set list: Desktop Music Adventure / Runway Star / Panoramic View of Jazz / My Favorite Sunday / Better sound for better kindness / Touch & Go / Midnight Samba

Francis set list: S'il vous plaît, Ha! / Alexandre (Nino Ferrer cover) / Kameari Pop (P-Model cover) / Jamón, jamón / Da Du Da Di décadence / kawaii mocha / Delaware / Copacabana (Barry Manilow cover)

Joy Ride vol.240 Love The Candy's Love The Candy's
Elektel Elektel feat. Tomoko おもしろ三国志 / Omoshiro Sangokushi
おもしろ三国志 / Omoshiro Sangokushi Francis (ORI Makoto) Francis (ORI Makoto)

- I dropped by a mini-live event by Vanilla Beans at Shibuya Marui, in promotion of their new greatest hits album "Vani Best II", actually a collection of all their singles since their debut in 2007. Yes, 2017 is their 10th anniversary! They sang "sakasaka Circus", "Tokyo wa yoru no 7ji", "Please me, Darling" and "sweet life". Normally photos aren't allowed at their shows, but this time was an exception so many were busy taking photos throughout the show. :)

Vanilla Beans Vanilla Beans Vanilla Beans

- And on December 1st was bimonthly event "hoshikuzu Salon" hosted by Macoto Tezka, the director of 1985 cult musical movie "The Legend of the Stardust Brothers" ("hoshikuzu kyōdai no densetsu"). Follow-up movie "The Brand New Legend of the Stardust Brothers" ("hoshikuzu kyōdai no aratana densetsu") is about to start being shown in theaters next month, so this event was a bit special as it featured several of the cast and staff. Several music scenes from the new movie were shown in uncut or specially edited versions, along with some from the old movie. One of those shown was the scene where Nomiya Maki sings "hoshikuzu kyōdai, tsuki e yuku", a great space disco track which is now available on iTunes, etc.!

After a break there was a short show by Akagi Chūji (Films) and Kubota Haruo (Pearl Brothers), who played some songs related to the movies, including "Monitor". For the encore, all of the cast and staff came back on stage to sing together the theme song, "hoshikuzu kyōdai no Theme". A very special evening! It was announced that the official soundtrack (including all songs from the new and old movies) will be released on January 10. And I can't wait to see the movie again! It starts on January 20 at Theatre Shinjuku. I bought a poster-sized edition of the movie ticket, autographed by the director!

手塚眞 / Macoto Tezka 星くず兄弟の新たな伝説 @ 星くずサロン AKAGI Chūji & KUBOTA Haruo

Music release news: Wakita Monari, Izumi Ookawara x P.O.P, The Aprils, Record Day 2017 (Oh! Penelope, Roger Nichols, Kyoto Jazz Sextet, Salome no kuchibiru, The Pen Friend Club, WHY@DOLL, etc.), YeYe, Perfume, Vanilla Beans, Nomiya Maki with Stardust Brothers

Wakita Monari "Wingscape / LED" (CD+7") Izumi Ookawara x P.O.P "How I met you" The Aprils "Astro +Early Works" Record Day 2017 YeYe "Mottainai" Perfume "Perfume Clips 2" (Blu-ray/DVD) Vanilla Beans "Vani Best II" Nomiya Maki with Stardust Brothers "hoshikuzu kyoudai, tsuki e yuku" (Download)

This week's videos: Elektel "Better Sound For Better Kindness"

Francis "Jamón, jamón"

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