Blog - Weekly revue: 2017 week #33 (August 12 to 18)

Weekly revue: 2017 week #33 (August 12 to 18)

Music event: I went to dahlia's release party for latest album "MIRROR" (released in February)! I've been listening to the new album a lot, and also I still had memories of having a great time at a previous show 10 years ago (report), so I had been really looking forward to this event.

dahlia was accompanied on stage by producer Groove Unchant, guitarist Horasawa Tōru (of band The Bookmarcs which will release a first full-length album in November) and flutist Yoshida Kazuo). The set began with 4 songs from "MIRROR", followed by the nice surprise of three songs from "le mode d'emploi" (2003), and then closing with a song from previous album "Nude Lumière" (2008). While some songs were performed with a backtrack, some were played acoustically specially arranged for the show.

Nicely paced with dahlia's soothing talk between some of the songs, this made for a very pleasant show. I hope there will be more opportunities to hear her sing live again soon, and I keep looking forward to more new music from this artist who I like a lot.

Set list: kūchū fuyū / KIKKAH ~boku no utsukushii hito~ / RENEWER / ciel blanc / the measles / lilic / flower / Scent

dahlia live at Batica dahlia live at Batica dahlia live at Batica

Music release news: Momoko Motion, Crazy Ken Band, Nomiya Maki, Monsieur Kamayatsu, PARKGOLF, Perfume, "Throw Away Your CDs Go Out To A Show"

Momoko Motion "Fake Food / Suppai Budou" (Download) Crazy Ken Band "Crazy Ken Band All Time Best Album ai no sekai" Nomiya Maki "Nomiya Maki, Vacances Shibuya-kei o utau." (7"x2) Monsieur Kamayatsu "So Long 20 seiki / 20sai no koro" (7") PARKGOLF "Reo" Perfume "If you wanna" Various Artists "Throw Away Your CDs Go Out To A Show"

This week's video:

"You Make Shibuya (Bon odori ver.)" sung by Nomiya Maki

Momoko Motion "Suppai Budou"

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