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Music Stage dahlia "Beautiful, But Noir" release party: report

Last night I went to Shimokitazawa 440 with friend Tsugumi to see dahlia, performing with a full band for the first time in 4 years. The event celebrated the release of her latest album "Beautiful, But Noir". The event's DJ was Groove Unchant, who produced the album.

First on stage was a unit called Sozoro, a guy singing while playing guitar, together with a girl who alternated between piano, flute, accordion and "thunder" (some sound effect toy). They were good, though not very my style, but anyway I enjoyed their performance.

the fascinationsNext was the fascinations, an instrumental band where vibraphone player Watanabe Masami is the center of attention. I have the second, self-titled album, which I love, so I had very high expectations. They sure didn't disappoint, turns out Masami is truly an impressive live player with a good sense of entertainment (he'd walk aside and dance during the piano solos). The other band members (piano, wood bass and drums) were also great, I especially liked the drummer who, despite his long hair looks, played the best jazz and breakbeats. They closed with fascinated groove, song which on the album is sung by Pierre Barouh.

While dahlia's band was setting up, there was a presentation by Kino Iglu of the French short film "Le Baiser de Judas" (1963, 15 min.) with a groovy soundtrack.

dahlia's set featured a full band of five musicians: keyboards, wood bass, drums, flute, guitar... plus of course singer Kaori (lately dahlia=Kaori). The first song played was I think Eta Karinae, the opening track from the album, and it had a strong backing track, so I was a bit afraid that the show might lack some 100% live music, but I was glad to later find out that most of the songs were played completely live. Most songs from the new album were played, along a few from older albums, such as a new arrangement of Flower (from "Le mode d'emploi"). They closed with the dance track Beautiful, But Noir, and there was no encore.
When the show ended, I felt I could easily have stayed there one more hour listening to Kaori's soft voice.

Photos of larger sizes at Flickr

On the way out I had a chance to talk briefly with Kaori who somehow remembered me from some event many years ago at Aoi Heya (I still have to remember what that might have been), and also Masami who was very friendly and kept speaking to me in English.

A great evening!

dahlia will perform at Kichijoji Manda-La2 on February 18
the fascinations will perform two sets at Shibuya JZ Brat on February 17

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Nice report... I really like the new Dahlia, it must sound great live...

Hope I can go to Tokyo soon to see one of these live shows!!

Posted by Damian on January 14, 2007 at 18:19

You should. :)

Btw I added above dahlia and the fascinations' next live dates (separately).

Posted by Patrick on January 15, 2007 at 09:54

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