Blog - Weekly revue: 2017 week #27 (July 1 to 7)

Weekly revue: 2017 week #27 (July 1 to 7)

Food: - Dhindo set at Nepal restaurant Purja Dining, Sugamo
- Chicken curry set at momo no mi, Suidōbashi
- "Noir" (forêt noire) cake at Très calme, Sengoku
- Coffee ice cream at Matsuki, Nakano

Dhindo set @ Purja Dining Chicken curry @ momo no mi, Suidōbashi "Noir" @ Très Calme Coffee ice cream @ Matsuki

Music event: I went to an awesome event held by Grand Gallery, titled "Home Party". It was held at venues Unit/Unice/Saloon in Daikanyama, all of which are connected together. There were a lot of bands and artists performing, with a busy schedule that had me almost running between the venues to catch as many as possible. :)

I first went to Unice where I caught a bit of Chabe's DJ set, which was followed by a 3-piece set by Nakatsuka Takeshi (guitar, saxophone and vocals), which I watched while eating green curry by Abe Kumiko.

松田"Chabe"岳二 中塚武 / NAKATSUKA Takeshi 中塚武 / NAKATSUKA Takeshi

I then ran downstairs to Unit for a dreamy set by Jintana & Emeralds. Guitarist Kashif was absent but replaced by a keyboardist. They played songs including "Honey", "Emerald Lovers", "Runaway", "Moon" and "futari no natsu".


After having some more food at Unice, a generous plate of roasted pork, I went back to Unit and watched T-jiros, a duo of just guitar and bass, who gave a rocking good show.

T字路s / T-jiros

Then was a show of The Scooters, who were absolutely awesome! They played a selection of their most popular songs, and also many from their recent singles. Their powerful sound that I love made me dance the most of the whole evening. :) I had such a great time!

Set list: (Love Is Like a) Heat Wave (Martha And The Vandellas cover) / Dancing in the Street (David Bowie & Mick Jagger cover) / I Believe In Miracles (Jackson Sisters cover) / Young American (David Bowie cover) / Hang On In There Baby (Johnny Bristol cover) / Make You Mine (Honey & The Bees cover) / Shout (Isley Brothers cover) / Tokyo Disco Night (Original)

スクーターズ / The Scooters スクーターズ / The Scooters スクーターズ / The Scooters
スクーターズ / The Scooters スクーターズ / The Scooters スクーターズ / The Scooters

After catching a glimpse of Nakano Aya at Saloon, which was quite crowded, I went back to Unit and enjoyed some live dub by Kodama Kazufumi Dub Station Band. Kodama Kazufumi is an ex-member of Mute Beat. I enjoyed their show quite a lot, and was quite impressed by keyboardist Hakase-Sun, an ex-member of Fishmans. Then at Unice I caught a bit of Sokabe Keiichi's show, but then had to run back to Unit.

KODAMA Kazufumi Dub Station Band 曽我部恵一 / SOKABE Keiichi

The last to play there was Yann Tomita! It was my first time seeing him. He played a set using mainly modular synthesizers and some samplers. He was accompanied by three rappers and a VJ. The music went from very abstract sounds, with some deep frequencies I'm sure I had never heard before, to sometimes dub beats accompanied by some rap. That was a set impressive for the ears and eyes.

ヤン富田 / Yann TOMITA ヤン富田 / Yann TOMITA

I then got to hear a little bit of city pop singer Natsu Summer, at the small Saloon which was again rather crowded (I couldn't see much at all). Her first album was just about to be released the next day. And although there was still much more DJs who were going to play later in the night, it was time to go home...! Still, what an amazing event!

Music release news: Natsu Summer, Mira Parameter, Manon

Natsu Summer "Hello, future day" Mira Parameter "Reborn" Manon "xxFANCYPOOLxx" (Download)

This week's videos:

Manon "xxFANCYPOOLxx" (produced by Yuppa (HNC)!)

Cornelius "In a Dream"

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