Blog - Weekly revue: 2017 week #28 (July 8 to 14)

Weekly revue: 2017 week #28 (July 8 to 14)

Food: - Ice cream at Tomihisa Ice Cream, Shinjuku
- Chocolate ice cream at À tes souhaits! Glace et chocolat, Kichijōji
- Kokutō, karintō and shiso cream chesse ice cream at Japanese Ice Ouca, Ebisu
- English muffin ham sandwich, fish & chips, etc. at Bespoque, Higashi-Nakano

Tomihisa Ice Cream Ice cream at À tes souhaits! Glace et chocolat Japanese Ice Ouca (kokutō, karintō, shiso cream cheese)
Bespoque Bespoque

Music event: I went to see Cornelius!! It was the 2nd and last day of his "Mellow Waves Release Party" series at Liquidroom, Ebisu. I stood about 10th row near the center, right in front of Cornelius! His show was preceded by a DJ set by Takimi Kenji (Crue-L Records), which was really good (though maybe a little bit long, as it lasted a whole hour and we were getting hungry for the main dish).

Cornelius' band featured Horie Hirohisa (Neil & Iraiza) on keyboards/guitar, Araki Yūko (mi-gu) on drums, and Ohno Yumiko (Buffalo Daughter) on keyboards(Moog!)/bass. All also sang! The show had about 4 songs from "Mellow Waves", maybe I'd have a liked to hear a few more, but there were also several from previous albums back to "Fantasma". With the recent "Fantasma" world tour that didn't come to Japan I sure hoped to hear some of that, so I was very pleased! The show was a great retrospective of Cornelius' catalog since the time I got addicted in the late 90's, and also a showcase of some of the best latest songs, which are definitely tour de force level in terms of being played live by humans. The non-stop set (!), barely stopping for more than a few seconds between the songs for the members to take a sip of water, closed with "If You're Here" which was just outstanding! The whole show was sync'd with video and onstage lights.

This is the set list according to my memo scribbled in the dark. (A song or two could be missing.)

Set list: Sometime / Someplace (いつか / どこか), Breezin', Helix / Spiral, Drop, Point of View Point, Count Five or Six, I Hate Hate, Wataridori, In a Dream (夢の中で), Beep It, Fit Song, Gum, Star Fruit Surf Rider, If You're Here (あなたがいるなら)
Encore: Seashore And Horizon

After the show I dropped by gallery Kata above the venue, which had original artworks used in the album and singles. All were created in the 70's by artist Nakabayashi Tadayoshi (now 79).

Cornelius "Mellow Waves Release Party" at Liquidroom "Mellow Waves" exhibition at Kata

Music release news: Learners, Charan-Po-Rantan, lyrical school, The Aprils, hitomitoi

Learners "Water The Flowers / Shampoo Planet" (7"), "More Learners" (Cassette) Charan-Po-Rantan "toritomenai ongakukai" (Blu-ray/DVD) lyrical school "natsuyasumi no Baby" The Aprils "Horror Survivor" hitomitoi "Ecstasy"

This week's video: lyrical school "natsuyasumi no Baby"

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