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.27 Weekly revue: 2014 week #30 (July 19 to 25)
.19 Weekly revue: 2014 week #29 (July 12 to 18)
.12 Weekly revue: 2014 week #28 (July 5 to 11)
.05 Weekly revue: 2014 week #27 (June 28 to July 4)

July 27, 2014

Weekly revue: 2014 week #30 (July 19 to 25)

Food: - Chinese lunch at Sen Yō, Higashi-Kōenji
- Pepper beef curry at Tapir, Shin-Ōkubo
- Black forest cake at Sunday Bake Shop, Hatsudai

チャーハン 小籠包 タピ Black Forest Cake

Music events: - I went to electro trackmaker COR!S' album release event at Strobo Café. There were live performances of Funwari-chan (who did a remix on Buffalo Daughter's new album) and of course COR!S, with a talk session where she explained how she uses Cubase to make her tracks. She then played a full set of most songs from her album "Across Time & Space", and then some, her live keyboards and singing made for a really fun show! The album is great and should please electro fans.

- On Monday was "Marine day" ("umi no hi"), and I went to the release party of JINTANA & EMERALDS, which started at 3pm and went on until 9pm, with also live sets by Dorian, Sugar's Campaign (Avec Avec & Seiho, from Osaka) and Paisley Parks (juke/footwork unit), with DJing in between. I got my CD autographed by all of JINTANA & EMERALDS (Jintana, Kashif and singers Toi (Hitomitoi), Chao (Kuroki Meisa) and Mami). That day really felt like the start of summer. (More photos here.)


- Then on Thursday was event "Joy Ride vol.165" at Koenji High, with Technoboys Pulcraft Green-Fund (band now active for 20 years), NeoBallad (electro+drums+minyō), and CTO LAB.. All of the bands were great! (More photos here.)


- And on Friday night was a solo DJ event by friend Nazo Production at Bar Sangai in Musashi-Koyama (Meguro line). We have many similar tastes, though his are much wider and deeper.

コレクションハウスビル DJ Nazo Production

Music release news: Buffalo Daughter, Takahashi Yukihiro & Metafive, Takahashi Yukihiro with In-Phase, Towa Tei, ryo fukawa

Buffalo Daughter "Konjac-tion" Takahashi Yukihiro & Metafive "Techno Recital", Takahashi Yukihiro with In Phase "Phase" (DVD+Blu-ray+2 CDs) Towa Tei "Towa Tei 94-14 Remix" ryo fukawa "life is music 2"

Playlist: Hoshino Michiru, (((sssurrounddd))), hitomitoi

HOSHINO Michiru "E-I-E-N Voyage" , (((sssurrounddd))) "New Age" , hitomitoi "City Dive"

This week's video: Buffalo Daughter "Oui Oui"

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July 19, 2014

Weekly revue: 2014 week #29 (July 12 to 18)

Food: - Lamb Rogan Josh and dam chicken biryani, at Indian-style bistro Momo no mi, Hongō
- Taco rice at Toquio coffee and desserts, Minami-Aoyama
- Nasi goreng at Malay Asian Cuisine, Aoyama

前菜盛り合わせ Lamb Rogan Josh Biryani タコライス Nasi goreng

Music release news: lyrical school, Emerson Kitamura, Crazy Ken Band, COR!S, SMAP, Negicco

lyrical school "Fresh!!!" Emerson Kitamura "ochikochi ni" Crazy Ken Band "Spark da!", "Free Soul Crazy Ken Band", "Crazy Ken Band Tour Flying Saucer 2013" (DVD) COR!S "Across Time & Space" , Negicco "Sunshine Nihonkai"

Playlist: Bakubaku Dokin, COR!S, Especia, Jintana & Emeralds, Dorian, Hoshino Michiru, P.O.P

Bakubaku Dokin "Bakubaku Dokin" COR!S "Across Time & Space" Especia "Gusto" Jintana & Emeralds "Destiny" Dorian "midori" HOSHINO Michiru "E-I-E-N Voyage" Bakubaku Dokin "Bakubaku Dokin" COR!S "Across Time & Space"

This week's videos:

Emerson Kitamura "ochikochi ni" album trailer

Negicco "Festival de aimashō"

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July 12, 2014

Weekly revue: 2014 week #28 (July 5 to 11)

Food: - Bia Bia special ramen at Bia Bia, Koenji
- Black forest cake from Acacier, Saitama (via Isetan)
- Black forest cake from Les années folles, Ebisu (via Isetan)
- And a fun & delicious surprise birthday party (for a friend)!

Bia Bia special ramen Forêt noire Forêt noire

New music: - P.O.P "tanoshii koto bakari arimasu yō ni" (roughly translates to "for there be only fun things"): Now that's a truly high quality first album from these twin rappers (as in identical twins) I've seen live many times. Actually including a full band with Shibuya-kei-sounding roots, P.O.P feels a mile apart from most of the hip-hop scene, in a wonderful way. A refreshing and fun album in time for summer!

- Kyary Pamyu Pamyu "Pika Pika Fantajin": Quite a fun album with a lot of variety. It's not as easy as the previous ones, which is not necessarily a bad thing though it will need some more listens to fully get into it. I got limited edition B which comes with a world tour documentary DVD with footage from Toronto (yay!), New York, Sydney (Australia) and Hong Kong.

P.O.P "tanoshii koto bakari arimasu yō ni." Kyary Pamyu Pamyu "Pika Pika Fantajin"

Music release news: Kojima Mayumi, Charan-Po-Rantan, fox capture plan, hitomitoi, POiSON GiRL FRiEND, lyrical school

Kojima Mayumi "On The Beach" Charan-Po-Rantan "wasurekaketeta monogatari" fox capture plan "Wall" hitomitoi "Glass no Summer Holiday" (Download) Hoshino Michiru "E-I-E-N Voyage" POiSON GiRL FRiEND "rondoElectro" lyrical school "Fresh!!!"

Playlist: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Kaji Hideki, hitomitoi, Scooters, Jintana & Emeralds, P.O.P

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu "Pamyu Pamyu Revolution" KAJI Hideki "Sweet Swedish Winter" hitomitoi "Surfbank Social Club" Scooters "musumegokoro wa SCOOTERS" Jintana & Emeralds "Destiny" Kyary Pamyu Pamyu "Pika Pika Fantajin" P.O.P "tanoshii koto bakari arimasu yō ni"

This week's video: Charan-Po-Rantan "su-dara bushi"

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July 5, 2014

Weekly revue: 2014 week #27 (June 28 to July 4)

Food: - Coconut chicken focaccia at Réfectoire, Harajuku
- Fish & chips, quiche, cherry pie, etc. at Bespoque, Higashi-Nakano
- Myanmar (Burma) dinner at Mingalaba, Takadanobaba, with P5ML friend Peter N.!
- Tomato chicken curry and Gobi 65 at Cochin Nivas, Shinjuku
- Cakes from Acacier, at Isetan (Shinjuku) until July 8
- Choco mint drink from FamiliMart. This year again!

Réfectoire ビスポーク ビスポーク ビスポーク ミンガラバー ミンガラバー ゴビ65 チョコミントドリンク

Movie: Went to the Festival du film français au Japon 2014 to see "Un plan parfait" ("A Perfect Plan") starring Dany Boon. That was a really good film! And to our surprise it was followed by a talk show featuring Dany Boon himself! I loved the movie "Micmacs" in which he also played the main role.

Dany Boon

New music: A brand new song by Izumi Ookawara (Qypthone), her debut as a solo singer-songwriter. Wonderful back-band too, with regulars from Nakatsuka Takeshi's live band. Check it our in your country's iTunes store!

Izumi Ookawara "Polka dot on the paper" (Download)

Music release news: KANADe, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Perfume, risa*risa, Yun*chi

KANADe "Happy & Sad" (Download) Kyary Pamyu Pamyu "Pika Pika Fantajin" Perfume "Cling Cling" risa*risa "cream soda" Yun*chi "Starlight*"

Playlist: Shinohara Tomoe, Modern Choki Chokies, Jintana & Emeralds, Tomoki Kanda, Naka Shigeo, Bakubaku Dokin, Hanae

SHINOHARA Tomoe "Super Model 15th Anniversary" Modern Choki Chokies "The Legend of Bongengan Bangara Bingen" Jintana & Emeralds "Destiny" Tomoki KANDA "Interstellar Interlude" NAKA Shigeo "NAKA Shigeo plays Paul Mauriat" Bakubaku Dokin "Bakubaku Dokin" Hanae "jikkai Quiz"

This week's videos: So many good new clips!

P.O.P "Watch me"

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu "Kira Kira Killer"

Hoshino Michiru "seikan renrakusen ~Night Voyage~"

suiyōbi no Campanella "Kung-fu Lady"

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