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Art Food Music .26 Weekly revue: 2012 week #21 (May 19 to 25)
Food Music .19 Weekly revue: 2012 week #20 (May 12 to 18)
Music Travel .13 Weekly revue: 2012 week #19 (May 5 to 11)

May 26, 2012

Art Food Music Weekly revue: 2012 week #21 (May 19 to 25)

Exhibition: - QP solo exhibition at The Last Gallery. Mainly older works made since 2008. This exhibition is a bit "funeral"-themed, making the way for more new fresh stuff. This is on until Sunday May 27.

Food: - Lunch at African restaurant Los Barbados in Shibuya. Very small restaurant but really great food at a cheap price, and good atmosphere with African music too. :) Will definitely go back!
- Coffee at Tenement in Ebisu. It was my first time to go to the 2nd floor where can be found wall paintings by HITOTZUKI (KAMI+SASU).
- Bagels from Maruichi in Shirokane. Yum!

Tenement Tenement

Party: - Last Sunday, went to event "Factory Girl" at Mercedes Benz Connection presented by fashion brand Snidel and magazine Nero. Got to see Harvard and Annie Monroe DJing, and an acoustic show by French band Manceau (post-Tahiti 80?). The event's decoration and VJing was Andy Warhol-themed. Unfortunately got there too late for the food and Sunday Bake Shop's sweets...!

Factory Girl Manceau Harvard Annie Monroe

New music: - esu-efu (pronounced S.F.) is the new unit of Nomoto Karia with producer Captain Mirai (from the Vocaloid scene). Their first mini-album is great! I've had it a lot on repeat this week, and currently my favorite is "Propeller Song".
- Yes, I got Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's 1st album, "Pamyu Pamyu Revolution". :) It's all good Yasutaka recipe, catchy and fun! When listening to the album on my way to work, "girigiri Safe" ("just in time") comes up almost exactly when I get to destination.
- I went to Shibuya hardcore-only shop Guhroovy to get Bubble-B feat. Enjo-G's 1st album (after 10 years!). Of course I knew most of the songs already since it's mainly a complete collection of the funny videos up on YouTube. Still several have been reworked, and a few remixes and new songs added. Nice price too!

esu-efu "Sing Future" Kyary Pamyu Pamyu "Pamyu Pamyu Revolution" Bubble-B feat. Enjo-G "Leisure yakuza wa kimi ni katarikakeru"

Music release news: "zoku Fami-Compi", Puffy, tengal6, ...

Various Artists "zoku Fami-Compi" Puffy "tomodachi no wao!" tengal6 "City"

Playlist: "Crue-L Café", Aira Mitsuki, MoliquL, ...

Various Artists "Crue-L Cafe" Aira Mitsuki "PLASTIC" Aira Mitsuki "6 FORCE"

This week's video: (M)otocompo "The Sun" live at Shibuya Milkyway on Feb. 4! You might be able to see me somewhere if you look closely. :) My report of the show is here.

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May 19, 2012

Food Music Weekly revue: 2012 week #20 (May 12 to 18)

Food: - Akebono Sumo Burger (30cm diameter!) at O.M.G. Burgers. I ate nearly 1/4 of it I think! We were 8 people including a little kid. :)
- Palestinian food at Almina in Kanda

Akebono Burger Akebono Burger

Exhibition: - On Thursday I went to check out Kaji Hideki's exhibition at Kit Gallery in Harajuku! Shown are various goods and photos from throughout his career. It was the 2nd day (it's on until this Sunday only) and Kaji-kun was even there to greet visitors! :) It was about the 3rd time I talked to him, really a nice and friendly guy who seems to never age. I'll see him live next week at event Beat Communist organized by Nakatsuka Takeshi. Can't wait!
- And... I also tried going to Towa Tei's MachBeat Exhibition, twice!.. but no luck. (First time they had closed it an hour early, and the next/last day they were tearing it down mid-afternoon.)

New music: - Julie "Oh! Alfredo", a release on Groove Unchant's Unchantable Records (sub-label of Orange Records). I learned about it late but I rushed to order it! It's an Italian track with a remix by Arai Toshiya! Watch the funny video below.
- Post-rock band Yucca's new album "our journey (to anywhere we want)" is available for free download on their site! Great!

Julie "Oh! Alfredo" (7") Yucca "our journey (to anywhere we want)"

Music release news: akiko, Kaji Hideki, Logic System, EA, DadaD, Bubble-B feat. Enjo-G, ...

akiko "Swingy, Swingy with Chai-Chii Sisters" Kaji Hideki "Blue Heart" Logic System "RMXLOGIX Vol.2 (with Special Tracks)" EA "Meteo" DadaD "Ride Out" (Download) Bubble-B feat. Enjo-G "Leisure yakuza wa kimi ni katarikakeru"

Playlist: Vanilla Beans, Denki Groove, MoliquL, Aira Mitsuki, Dorian, Hazel Nuts Chocolate, Harvard, Portable Rock, frenesi, Necozawa Emi & Sphinx, ...

Vanilla Beans "Choco Mint Flavor Time" Denki Groove "Shameful" MoliquL "Forest" Aira Mitsuki "???" Dorian "Studio Vacation" Hazel Nuts Chocolate "Cute" Harvard "Oracle" Portable Rock "Lost & Found" frenesi "Cupra" Emi NECOZAWA & Sphinx "Pyramidia"

Julie "Oh! Alfredo"

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May 13, 2012

Music Travel Weekly revue: 2012 week #19 (May 5 to 11)

I skipped a week, that's because I was traveling to Paris for a trip during Golden Week! I'll probably post some more details, though meanwhile some photos are already up at Flickr (still some more to go though).

New music: - MoliquL is a new electro unit formed of Takashi Tsugumi (PINE*am) and Avery Brooks, based in Brooklyn. Their 1st EP "Forest" is out now on Flawless World, and I love it! It's available for download worldwide on iTunes. Can't wait for more!
- Towa Tei "MACH2012" is an album that's half new songs and half remixes. Watch video for "Wordy" feat. Bakubaku Dokin below.

MoliquL "Forest" (Download) Towa Tei "MACH2012"

Music release news: Ishikawa Shūnosuke (sax player in Nakatsuka Takeshi's live band)

Ishikawa Shūnosuke "shumusic EP" (Download)

Playlist: "France Rouge" (a mix CD of early 80's rare French tracks), "Tigersushi More G.D.M. X", capsule, EeL, ...

Various Artists "France Rouge - Rare French tracks from the early 80's by Leo & Pipo" Various Artists "Tigersushi More G.D.M. X" capsule "STEREO WORXXX" EeL "EeL Mix (2011 special edition)"

Towa Tei "Wordy" feat. Bakubaku Dokin

MoliquL sampler clip

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