Blog - Weekly revue: 2012 week #19 (May 5 to 11)

Music Travel Weekly revue: 2012 week #19 (May 5 to 11)

I skipped a week, that's because I was traveling to Paris for a trip during Golden Week! I'll probably post some more details, though meanwhile some photos are already up at Flickr (still some more to go though).

New music: - MoliquL is a new electro unit formed of Takashi Tsugumi (PINE*am) and Avery Brooks, based in Brooklyn. Their 1st EP "Forest" is out now on Flawless World, and I love it! It's available for download worldwide on iTunes. Can't wait for more!
- Towa Tei "MACH2012" is an album that's half new songs and half remixes. Watch video for "Wordy" feat. Bakubaku Dokin below.

MoliquL "Forest" (Download) Towa Tei "MACH2012"

Music release news: Ishikawa Shūnosuke (sax player in Nakatsuka Takeshi's live band)

Ishikawa Shūnosuke "shumusic EP" (Download)

Playlist: "France Rouge" (a mix CD of early 80's rare French tracks), "Tigersushi More G.D.M. X", capsule, EeL, ...

Various Artists "France Rouge - Rare French tracks from the early 80's by Leo & Pipo" Various Artists "Tigersushi More G.D.M. X" capsule "STEREO WORXXX" EeL "EeL Mix (2011 special edition)"

Towa Tei "Wordy" feat. Bakubaku Dokin

MoliquL sampler clip

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