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Photo Tokyo .24 Yotsuya station
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Nakano Photo Tokyo .03 Baby Loco and Nakano-sakaue

June 26, 2006

Photo Tokyo Blue-eyed cat

A small blue-eyed black cat guards a garden, in Itabashi, Tokyo.

Blue-eyed puss
Larger sizes at Flickr

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June 24, 2006

Photo Tokyo Yotsuya station

Today for lunch I went to have Portuguese food at Manuel in Yotsuya. I had Pastéis de Bacalhau (fried codfish), Couve Roxa com Maçã (salad of red cabbage and apples), Carne de Porco à Alentejana (stir-fried pork and clams) and Gelado de Vinho da Madeira (wine taste ice cream). All very delicious!

And all you get is a photo of the station.

Yotsuya station
Larger sizes at Flickr

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June 21, 2006

Photo Tokyo L'œil de Shinjuku

I love Shinjuku's hypnotic eye. Since 1969, this artwork by Miyashita Yoshiko is located straight across the rotary facing JR's west exit.

Larger sizes at Flickr

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Other Dental stuff

I have relatively healthy teeth, no cavities and all, but this week I faced some weird-ass dental problem that I feel should be documented. So here goes...

(Nothing gory, but the faint of heart may prefer to stop reading here.)


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June 19, 2006

Technology Movable Type AddComment plugin

This is a Movable Type plugin that allows adding comments right from Movable Type's backend. It adds a "Add A Comment" form in the "Comments" tab when editing an entry. As a bonus, it also adds a "Add A Trackback" form in the "TrackBacks" tab too (since version 1.4).

Personally, I used this to add comments to entries on my blog, after having had to disable the comments script because of spam attacks that were beyond any poor spam filter. It can also be useful for replying to user comments from MT's back-end, and also makes it possible to publish the user's comment at the same time as a response.

Movable Type AddComment plugin


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June 17, 2006

Technology Back, but no more comments is back from the dead after about 30 hours offline. The problem was apparently a comment spam attack on my blog that took the whole shared server down. My account was then suspended and it took a while to work out terms with my hosting to get the switch flipped back on...

As a result, no more comments, which I find really sad. Thanks to stupid spammers. I had sure been getting a whole lot of comment spam over the last few weeks, about 500 daily, what a pain.

Anyway, comments can always be done over at Flickr (for those who have accounts) on posts with some photos, otherwise emails are always welcome. Back to old-school feedback.

Update (6/19): Comments are now accepted by email and later posted manually. The true end of comment spam.

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June 15, 2006

Photo Tokyo Ajisai

These are Hydrangea Macrophylla (aka Big Leaf Hydrangea, Hortensia, in Japanese アジサイ or 紫陽花), and they're very common around this time of the year. I took these pictures at Dei-no-izumi park (出井の泉公園) in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, which is famous in the area for having about 2000 of these flowers.

Ajisai close-upGakuajisai
Larger sizes at Flickr

That last one is gakuajisai of the same family. Isn't it somewhat キモかわいい?

Update (18:12): More ajisai photos at Chabe's today blog entry.

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June 13, 2006

Music Stage Nomoto Karia at Apple Store Shibuya live report

Tonight after work, I dropped by Shibuya to see Nomoto Karia's mini-live at Apple Store.

Karly was accompanied by Konishi Yasuharu who looked very cool wearing a white shirt and sunglasses. He first DJ'd 30 minutes for the early comers, playing a mix of 60's stuff, some house, and quite a bit of hip-hop. His set included a Finger 5 cover of Tom Jones' "It's Not Unusual", remixes of "Walk This Way" and Jackson 5, and House of Pain's "Jump Around".

Then he introduced Nomoto Karia who walked down Apple Store's transparent stairway to the small stage. She looked beautiful, wearing a silver dress. Konishi-san played her three songs released for download by columbia*readymade, and a surprise bonus from her first album. Karly danced while singing over the vocal tracks, although her live voice was clearly audible.

1. hitomi no naka ni Mirrorball 野本かりあ - 瞳の中にミラーボール - EP - 瞳の中にミラーボール
2. Bubbly 野本かりあ - 瞳の中にミラーボール - EP - バブリィ
3. Adieu wa kanashii kotoba 野本かりあ - カアリイ - 真夜中のアリア
4. Tokyo wa yoru no 7ji (The First Cut) 野本かりあ - 東京は夜の七時 (The First Cut) - Single

That was a fun show, at an early time the two can rarely be caught. Konishi-san said that they were off to do some recording tonight, and he also announced a good news, saying that they're planning an album release before the end of the year!

The short event was recorded for NHK Sōgō TV show PopJam DX and will be aired on July 3rd.

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June 9, 2006

Nakano Photo Anzen-tarō

Flat-style orange Anzen-tarō, spotted on Ōmekaidō near Nakano-sakaue.

Larger size on Flickr

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June 6, 2006

Art Nakano La Querencia Peligrosa "1+1=333"

La Querencia Peligrosa T-shirtTonight I went to see a small in-store exhibition by a well-known yet mysterious Tokyo graffiti artist. You've seen his works in Tokyo streets and elsewhere, La Querencia Peligrosa (aka... yes, QP!) is exhibiting some artwork at skater shop Fatbros in Nakano! The exhibition, intriguingly titled "1+1=333", shows some manipulated photographic works and some ¥10,000 bills.

Being a great fan, always on the look-out for QP's tags and graffiti, I couldn't leave without buying one of the high-impact commemorative T-shirts designed by 153 laboratory. This one shows QP-esque figures standing in an empty Nakano Sun Mall!
Also available are free stickers promoting the exhibition!

Go! Now!

P1000452 Larger sizes at Flickr

FATBROS presents instore exhibition:
La Querencia Peligrosa "1+1=333"

From 5/27 (currently ongoing)
Official exhibition page

At Fatbros
Lion's Plaza #107, 5-60-2 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo (map)
Tel/Fax: 03-3389-1655
Opening hours: from 11:00 until 21:00

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June 5, 2006

Photo Tokyo Golf

This is Golf Plaza Joy Joy Hasune, in Itabashi, Tokyo. In suburbs of Tokyo, people train for golf and baseball batting under huge nets like this one.

Larger sizes at Flickr: 1 2

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June 3, 2006

Nakano Photo Zeppelins and helicopters

Lots of action in the cloudy skies this morning, not less than two zeppelins and five helicopters! My guess is that the helicopters were escorting the zeppelins, but we often get helicopters without zeppelins around here, so it may have been for another reason.

BMW zeppelinZeppelins and helicopters
Larger sizes at Flickr: 1 2

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Nakano Photo Tokyo Baby Loco and Nakano-sakaue

Here are a few recent photos. Those who watch my Flickr photostream will have seen them already.

ベビーロコ号ベビーロコ号Nakano-sakaue at night
Larger sizes at Flickr: 1 2 3

1, 2. German-made mini-SL train named Baby Loco, exhibited at Jōhoku-kōen, Itabashi, Tokyo.
3. Sunbright Twin building, on the south-west corner of the Nakano-sakaue crossing.

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