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Title#2+#3Title#1Lately I'm listening a lot to ISHINO Takkyū's two new albums! That's right, he released two albums in two months, and one of them even has 2 CDs! That makes for a lot of great music!

Takkyū is the mastermind behind the techno unit Denki Groove which also features Pierre TAKI. While Denki Groove is a very vocal unit, with a lot of funny lyrics, Takkyū's solo music is mostly instrumental and therefore sounds more like serious techno. (Because of that difference I thought for a long time that the main singer in Denki Groove was Pierre TAKI, but it's actually Takkyū!)

The new albums are called Title#1 and Title#2+#3. Title#1 features a bit of dub sounds, which remind me of Pole (German electronic dub), though the rest of the two albums is mostly danceable techno.
Title#1 opens with a song that says something in German which my friend Peter translated to "I'm sorry, I'm too late" or similar, surely because it took him 3 years to come back after his previous great full-length album Karaoke Jack.

The first single is The Rising Suns. I love the promotional video, included on Title#2+#3, which shows bursts of people running in streets in sync with the music, seen from above. I wonder if the people are all CG or what!
A 30-second clip can be seen here (though it's pretty small so you may not see much at all).

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Hallo I have read Your article about Takkyu Ishino's two albums "title 1" and "title 2+3". It's excellent and it cause me almost a heart attack because when I think about how good this album can be I'm getting nervous :). I live in Poland and I've checked almost everywhere ........ I can not buy these albums because they were not released in my country so far. Could You help me somehow in buying those cd's? or if not so maybe You could at least record it for me on a regular cd-r ???? I would be very thankfull and also I could send You some of cd's that I have (some of my collection is new - even unpacked) is it possible for You to help me in getting those tracks? If so my e-mail is --- and my address is --- would be very thankfull for even a reply

Posted by Artur on May 10, 2006 at 19:35

The two albums combined have been released in Europe. You can get it at any European Amazon.

Good luck!

Posted by Patrick on May 10, 2006 at 21:33

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