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Tokyo Fun Party was really fun last night! It was the first time I went to this regular event (this was the 5th edition), and also the first time I went to Uplink Factory, a tiny theatre located on a 5th floor.
I liked the concept of making a live event in a small theatre like that. People could sit in comfortable seats at the back (and still be close to the front), or stand near the front. The screen was used for projections for some of the bands.

I went there with Boris, a guy from Montréal (check out his moblog of his current adventures in Tokyo, I'm jealous that he got to meet Cornelius!) and my friend Miwa. There, I also met Trevor from Music Related (label in New York releasing indie Japanese artists), David (Young Alive in Love), Jens (Swedish guy currently studying Japanese here, he DJs on May 1st at Edge End in Shibuya), Mike (Canadian from Toronto, also making music as Mikemi Tablets with his girlfriend Emi), and last but not least the event's organizer Takashi who said he had seen this entry at

chimidoroFirst, チミドロ (chimidoro) started the show. These guys were hilarious, singing rather non-sense stuff while one of their friends was playing old Famicom games on the screen. I bought their CD "Sexy Dynamite Remixes" for ¥700.

AprilsNext was the Aprils with a lively set. They said that they're recording a new album which should be out this summer!

TrevorThen, Trevor, the secret guest of the event, DJ'd using his iBook. Trevor's DJing reminded me of Digiki, since they they both move quite a bit when at work! (however Digiki may have to sit or at least stand still from now on when operating his Kaos Pad).
I bought a Japan-only promo CD-R of pandatone, Trevor's solo unit.

Next, there was a strange set by mondo coffee. I wouldn't quite know how to describe them but they had electronic beats and sort of psychedelic rock guitar. To me, the funny visuals (video scratch featuring scary metal-style gaijin misbehaving), operated by event organizer Takashi, were most interesting.
They're one of the bands who remixed Cornelius on "PM".

Micro Mach MachineLast was Micro Mach Machine, with the girls from K.S.C.C. (I think, don't quote me on that though). This was fun but perhaps a bit short, since only 2-3 songs were played.

Back near home I went to eat some ramen and then went to sleep.

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whew. that was a fun party i think.
the aprils held it down hard. great stuff. mmm was short, but way fun. but he does like, only "write" 1 new a song a year, soo. 4 songs is realy an undertaking. fun all around though i think. yum yum.


Posted by trevor on April 27, 2004 at 12:47

young alive in love is now marxy. and we're now located at

flipper's guitar called and said "stop stealing things we stole."

Posted by marxy on April 30, 2004 at 00:17

Ah!, I thought there had to be something behind that new mysterious nickname (which I had noticed on the music related blog lately). :)

Nice new name! Looking forward to the album!!

Posted by Patrick on April 30, 2004 at 00:48

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