Blog - Weekly revue: 2017 week #35 (August 26 to September 1)

Weekly revue: 2017 week #35 (August 26 to September 1)

Food: - Tapir event at Watering Hole, Yoyogi
- Hamburger at The Counter, Roppongi
- Oden, etc. at Shōwa-kayō oden restaurant Denden, Kudanshita
- Chocolate mint, chocolate and pistachio ice cream at Tomohisa Ice Cream, Shinjuku

Tapir × Watering Hole Tapir × Watering Hole Tapir × Watering Hole Tapir × Watering Hole
The Counter Denden / 田々 Denden / 田々 Tomihisa Ice Cream

Music event: I went to see hitomitoi's concert for her latest album "Ecstasy", at Billboard Live Tokyo! While the album is mainly synthesizers, entirely produced by Dorian, for the show the songs were performed by a live band. 7 songs from "Ecstasy" were played, as well as some other favorites. Dorian and guitarist Kashif also appeared as guests for a few songs each. I love watching Dorian play live synth solos, plus he even sang chorus, maybe for the first time ever on stage? (Just my guess.) :) That was a really great show!

Set list: Dive / Serpent Coaster / Flash of Light / Dolphin (w/ Dorian) / Let it Out (w/ Dorian) / Discotheque Sputnik (w/ Dorian) / Prismatic (w/ Kashif) / natsu kōsen, kira. (w/ Kashif) / Moonlight / Swept Away / Varadero via L.A
Encore: koi wa omoi no mama (w/ Dorian & Kashif)

hitomitoi / 一十三十一 hitomitoi / 一十三十一

Music release news: Manon, Crazy Ken Band, Soleil

Manon "xxFANCYPOOLxx" (7") Manon "Wavy Pineapple Days" (Download) Crazy Ken Band "20/20 Video Attack! Live at Kobe Crazy Ken Band Tour Hong Kong Taxi 2016" (DVD) Soleil "Pinky Fluffy" (7"+CD)

This week's video: Soleil "Pinky Fluffy / Breakout" debut single sampler clip

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