Blog - Weekly revue: 2017 week #15 (April 8 to 14)

Weekly revue: 2017 week #15 (April 8 to 14)

Food: - Lunch & desserts at Au bon vieux temps, Oyamadai
- Horse meat dishes at "Ōhashi shōten no tonari shokudō", Daitabashi
- Hawaiian cheeseburger at Port of Call, Daikanyama
- Manly burger at Umami Burger, Omotesandō

Au bon vieux temps Au bon vieux temps Horse meat in Daitabashi Horse meat in Daitabashi Port of Call, Daikanyama Manly burger @ Umami Burger

Music event: Following the passing away of Nakanishi Toshio (Plastics, Melon, ...) and the "God Save the To$h vol.4" event that I went to at the end of February, another larger event in remembrance of Tosh was held at SuperDeluxe: "Thank You Origato Nakanishi Toshio a.k.a. Tycoon To$h Fest.!!!".

This time again all-star band Diamond Heads (Takagi Kan, Oyamada Keigo, Sunahara Yoshinori, Nomiya Maki, Linda, Noemi, Momo, Kuni Sugimoto & Onishi Tsuru) played a set of Plastics song, with former members Tachibana Hajime and Shima Takemi joining in. The event also had performances by Hikashu (who played a set of their early songs), Satō Taiji (Theatre Brook) (who played guitar for Tosh watching from above) and Tachibana Hajime (solo guitar Plastics style). In the end Kenji Jammer also joined.

Hikashu set list: Doro Doro / At The End Of The 20th Century / Nazeka Burning / Love Treatment / Alternative Sun / Pike

Diamond Heads set list: Copy / I Love You Oh no / Peace / Good / Deluxe / Delicious / Robot / Park (Eight Days A Week) / Pate / Diamond Head / Top Secret Man / Copy (Reprise with everyone)

THANK YOU ORIGATO 中西俊夫 a.k.a TUCOON TO$H フェス @ SuperDeluxe Hikashu / ヒカシュー Hikashu / ヒカシュー Hikashu / ヒカシュー SATŌ Taiji / 佐藤タイジ TACHIBANA Hajime / 立花ハジメ Diamond Heads Diamond Heads Diamond Heads Diamond Heads Diamond Heads

Music release news: De De Mouse, Urbangarde, sione (aka Yukawa Shione), P.O.P

De De Mouse "dream you up" Urbangarde "Urbangarde 2016 Xmas Special Hall Live Tenshi des Akuma" sione "ode" P.O.P "Fresh & Step" (Download)

This week's videos:

P.O.P "Fresh & Step"

sione (aka Yukawa Shione) "Wealth of Flowers"

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