Blog - Weekly revue: 2017 week #5 (January 28 to February 3)

Weekly revue: 2017 week #5 (January 28 to February 3)

Outing: On Saturday was a fun morning walk around Tsukiji, eating some delicious food on the way (coffee at Turret Coffee, tamagoyaki, chikupote (chikuwa + potato salad), dango, salmon sandwich, coffee at Aiyō, ...), and ending with kaisendon (sashimi on rice) at Itadori (Uramise)! I chose the luxury maguro (tuna), which had akami, chūtoro and ōtoro. Delicious! :)

Turret Coffee 虎杖 / Itadori 松村 Mowi Salmon Store
愛養 愛養 虎杖 / Itadori

Food: - Chicken lever pâté and chocolate mint parfait at Neue, Shimokitazawa
- Brownie at Sunday Bake Shop, Hatsudai. Happy 8th Anniversary!!! :)
- Salmon curry, etc. at Shake Stand, Daitabashi
- Japanese dinner at Miharashi Ryōriten, Nishi-Ogikubo

Neue, Shimokitazawa Sunday Bake Shop Sunday Bake Shop しゃけスタンド / Shake Stand しゃけスタンド / Shake Stand
見晴料理店 / Miharashi Ryōriten 見晴料理店 / Miharashi Ryōriten 見晴料理店 / Miharashi Ryōriten 見晴料理店 / Miharashi Ryōriten

Music event: Went to event "City Camp" at fu-chi-ku-chi in Shimokitazawa, to see Vacation Three, SCOF4 (Small Circle of Friends) and DSK O (Oshima Daisuke of Port of Notes). That was a very pleasant show! I had been wanting to see Vacation Three for some time. It's the new unit of Nakamura Dai (BANK, ex-Arch) with saxophonist Nakamoto Koichiro (Elekibass, Wack Wack Rhythm Band, etc.) and percussionist Okyon (recently also in WWRB). Very nice sounds (listen here)! I also enjoyed seeing SCOF for the first time, and also DSK O (previously known as DSK, whose real family name turns out being Oshima not Kojima).

"City Camp" Vacation Three
DSK O Small Circle of Friends

Music release news: Learners, Vanilla Beans

Learners "More Learners" Vanilla Beans "sweet life" (Download)

This week's video: Perfume "Tokyo Girl"

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