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.25 Weekly revue: 2016 week #25 (June 18 to 24)
.19 Weekly revue: 2016 week #24 (June 11 to 17)
.12 Weekly revue: 2016 week #23 (June 4 to 10)
.05 Weekly revue: 2016 week #22 (May 28 to June 3)

June 25, 2016

Weekly revue: 2016 week #25 (June 18 to 24)


Food: - Napoli pizza at Lupi32, Asagaya
- Curry lunch at Anjali, Shimokitazawa
- Sausage roll, corn pottage, fish & chips, and roast beef at Bespoque, Higashi-Nakano
- Cakes and cookies from Kies, Nishi-Ogikubo! Our good friend just opened her own café where she serves delicious cakes, cookies, teas and coffee. Until recently she was at Magali at Monami just nearby, and also at Sunday Bake Shop. Go check it out! :) ("Kies", 4-35-5 Nishi-Ogi-kita, Suginami-ku)
- Dinner at organ, Nishi-Ogikubo

Lupi32, Asagaya Anjali Bespoque Bespoque
Kies organ, Nishi-Ogikubo organ, Nishi-Ogikubo organ, Nishi-Ogikubo

Art: When walking in Shibuya we found by chance shop Mortar, recently decorated by HITOTZUKI. The 2nd floor has a skating ramp that opens 1st and 3rd Saturday every month from 20:30. The rest of the time it's a clothing and skateboard shop, with a coffee shop/café "iki Espresso Tokyo" inside. I happened to find nice shoes while there. :)

HITOTZUKI at Mortar, Shibuya HITOTZUKI at Mortar, Shibuya
HITOTZUKI at Mortar, Shibuya HITOTZUKI at Mortar, Shibuya

Music release news: Nakano Aya, suiyobi no Campanella, jan and naomi

Nakano Aya "Emerald In Paradise" suiyoubi no Campanella "UMA" jan and naomi "Leeloo and Alexandra"

Playlist: hitomitoi, Prince, Rodion, Sweet Robots Against The Machine, Missing Linc, Duck Sauce, Crazy Ken Band

hitomitoi "Surfbank Social Club" Prince "Art Official Age" Rodion "Generator" Sweet Robots Against The Machine "Towa Tei" Missing Linc "In The Linc Room" Duck Sauce "Quack" Crazy Ken Band "mō sukkari are nan dayone"

This week's videos:

Nomiya Maki "Tokyo wa yoru no 7ji ondō"

Nomiya Maki "Sweet Soul Revue ondō"

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June 19, 2016

Weekly revue: 2016 week #24 (June 11 to 17)

Got to watch some goats eating grass in Tachikawa. :) There seems to be a "rental goat" trend to take care of mowing unused grounds.

Goats in Tachikawa Goats in Tachikawa Goats in Tachikawa

Food: - Lamb curry at Spice Box, Kanda
- Café à Aux Baccanales, Kiyoichō
- Wednesday morning coconut pineapple cake & coffee at Sunday Bake Shop, Hatsudai (closed until July 2 for summer vacation!)
- Handmade pasta at Pastatoria Alessio, Nakano

Spice Box Aux Baccanales, Kiyoichō Sunday Bake Shop Pastatoria Alessio Pastatoria Alessio

Music events: - I went to illustrator/modeler Kow Yokoyama's 60th birthday party event! Held at Beams Cultuart in Harajuku for an audience of 50, it was already going to feature CTO LAB., which I was really looking forward to, and a few days before the event it was announced that rapper Kaseki Cider would perform too! The whole show was a lot of fun, especially with the friendly party atmosphere afterwards, chatting and eating cake. I got to take photos with my friends of CTO LAB., and also Kow-san and Kaseki Cider! :)

Kaseki Cider set list (accompanied by Nakamori Yasuhiro (Hicksville)): Cider ga tomaranai / natsu o Playback / kuchizuke kibonnu (song he wrote for

CTO LAB. set list: The Theme of Ma.K. / Happy Birthday / Napolitan no uta (w/ shin Chiroline's Fukunaga Marika / B-612 ni koi o shite (feat. Fukunaga Marika) / The Elements / Crash Bandicoot

横山宏×かせきさいだぁ かせきさいだぁ CTO LAB.
CTO LAB. CTO LAB. 福永マリカ (新・チロリン)

- Also last weekend I went to 7" pop-up record shop "uqiqau" where there were records owned by Konishi Yasuharu, Chabe, etc. I did a few nice finds there, and for very cheap too! :)

Music release news: Learners, Shuntarō Okino

Learners "Absolute Learners" (Photo book+Download code) Shuntaro Okino "Too Far [F-A-R Remixes]"

This week's video: Lucky Tapes "Tonight!"

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June 12, 2016

Weekly revue: 2016 week #23 (June 4 to 10)

Last weekend was an event called "Chasampo" ("tea stroll") in Nishi-Ogikubo. 101 shops in the surroundings participated, either by doing something a bit out of the ordinary (collaborations, exhibitions, etc.) or serving free tea to anyone who dropped by. What a nice way to attract customers, and for us to spend a day!

Food: - Chicken nanban sandwich from Ayumi shokudō, and Earl Gray & blueberry ice cream at gallery/café Mizu no sora, Nishi-Ogikubo
- Chocolate cake (with sanshō) and coffee at flower shop/café cotito, Nishi-Ogikubo
- Also dropped by Kies, a new cookie & cake shop a friend will open soon! I'll post again once it opens. :)
- Vegetables 65, aosai kootu, lemon sevai, etc. at Cochin Nivas, Shinjuku
- Blue Seal ice cream in Shinjuku

あゆみ食堂 🍦 Chocolate cake & coffee at cotito Vegetable 65 at Cochin Nivas 青菜のクートゥ at Cochin Nivas Blue Seal ice cream

Music event: I went to a DJ event featuring Gaz Mayall from London and Sunaga Tatsuo, held at TimeOut Cafe (above Liquidroom). That was awesome! Best of all I got to hang out with my favorite bass player, and meet some cool people!

DJ SUNAGA Tatsuo DJ Gaz Mayall

Music release news: Sunaga Tatsuo compilation, "Game ongaku taizen" book, Un Amin

Various Artists "Sunaga Tatsuo no yoru Jazz gaiden 2 ~ All the young dudes ~ subete no wakakiyarōdomo" "Game ongaku taizen" (Book) Un Amin "Giant Panda ni notte mitai"

Playlist: Hoshino Michiru, Sloppy Joe, Rodion, Especia, Halfby, Negicco, Scha Dara Parr

HOSHINO Michiru "hoshi ga Michiru" Sloppy Joe "With Kisses Four" Rodion "Generator" Especia "Gusto" Halfby "Innn Hawaii" Negicco "Tea For Three" HOSHINO Michiru "Discotheque ni tsuretette (Single Version)" Scha Dara Parr "AniShinBo"

This week's videos:

- VIDEOTAPEMUSIC "Sultry Night Slow"

- Un Amin "Giant Panda ni notte mitai"

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June 5, 2016

Weekly revue: 2016 week #22 (May 28 to June 3)

Food: - Bacon cheeseburger at WIN-P'S, Nakano. This burger shop has poutine! Only in the dinner menu though.
- Mutton biriyani & saag curry set from Erick Curry & Biriyani, Shibuya
- FourBarrel coffee at The Local, Shibuya
- Friday morning sausage roll & coffee at Sunday Bake Shop, Hatsudai

WIN-P'S The Local Coffee Stand Sunday Bake Shop

Music release news: Rocketman, Original Love, Sunaga Tatsuo compilation

Rocketman "I'm Music" Original Love "Golden Time" Various Artists "Sunaga Tatsuo no yoru Jazz gaiden 2 ~ All the young dudes ~ subete no wakakiyarōdomo"

Playlist: Towa Tei, XTAL, Negicco, Sunaga t Experience, Denki Groove, Dorian, Museum of Plate

Towa Tei "Sunny" XTAL "Skygazer" Negicco  "Rice&Snow" Sunaga t Experience "jazz et jazz" Denki Groove "Human Beings and Animals" Dorian "midori" Museum of Plate "Practical Symphony No.5"

This week's video: Twisty BonBon "Friday Night"

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