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.27 Weekly revue: 2015 week #39 (September 20 to 26)
.20 Weekly revue: 2015 week #38 (September 12 to 19)
.13 Weekly revue: 2015 week #37 (September 5 to 11)
.06 Weekly revue: 2015 week #36 (August 29 to September 4)

September 27, 2015

Weekly revue: 2015 week #39 (September 20 to 26)

This week was "Silver Week" (Wikipedia), a week in September where three holidays are stuck together. 2015 is a rare year when 5 consecutive days off can be enjoyed (including a weekend).

Food: - Curry at jicca, Hatagaya
- Sanma curry at Tapir, Shin-Okubo
- Carrot cake & cafe latte at Sunday Bake Shop (on Wednesday)

jicca Tapir Tapir

Music events: - On Saturday September 19 was a birthday party for Ookawara Izumi of Qypthone! Held at live space "yagi ni, kiku?" in Daikanyama, there were several DJs and fun shows by Katsumarley & The Soul Kitchen and Nakatsuka Takeshi. Izumi even joined Takeshi on stage for a quick Qypthone reunion, singing "On the palette" and "Mission banana muffins"! Also Izumi did a first ever rap song, for which she had been practicing for several months, as MC I.Z.M. That was actually very cool and I hope it gets released sometime. :)

カツマーレー & The Soul Kitchen Qypthone Qypthone

- On Sunday September 20, I went to see The Scooters at Saravah Tokyo (in Shibuya)! There was also a nice line-up of DJs, with Sally Kubota, Adam Torel, Noel (of Noel & Gallagher) and DJ 320 (Shindō Mitsuo). That was a wonderful show in two sets, with many favorites, including "Bye Bye Goodbye" from their first album but which they played live for the first time. Hoshino Michiru joined for two songs including the Scooters' wonderful "Oh! Honey". Below is the full set list (quite a few songs are covers, though all Scooterized, but I'm only writing the original artist for new ones).

Set 1: I Believe In Miracles / (Love Is Like A) Heat Wave / namida no Break Away / kanashii uwasa / Hey Girl / You Can't Hurry Love / Oh! Honey (with Hoshino Michiru) / koi suru Fortune Cookie (with Hoshino Michiru)

Set 2: Modern Love (David Bowie cover) / Young Americans / The Key to Her Ferrari (Thomas Dolby cover) / Bye Bye Goodbye / Make You Mine (Honey & The Bees cover) / Shout

Encore: Motown medley / Tokyo Disco Night

After the show was DJ 320's set, during which Nomiya Maki (who came to see the show) sang a few songs such as Towa Tei's "amai seikatsu (La douce vie)"!

スクーターズ スクーターズ

スクーターズ feat. 星野みちる スクーターズ

More photos on Flickr

- Then on Tuesday September 22, I went to Billboard Live Tokyo to see Pizzicato One, the solo project of Konishi Yasuharu! The show was a live performance of latest album "watakushi no nijūseiki" which consisted of self-covers of Konishi's works. The music was performed by skillful musicians, but Konishi-san did show up on stage several times to sing himself and play the piano. The entire show was really wonderful! The best surprise for me was the "Love Again" encore sung by Konishi-san himself! And also when the curtain behind the stage opened during "Stars" to reveal the beautiful night view as described in the lyrics.

There will be another Pizzicato One show on December 28 with Sunny Day Service, though details have yet to be announced.

Set list: Flower Drum Song (vo. Kōda Miyako) / watashi ga shinde mo (vo. Ōta Emiri) / T.V.A.G. (vo. Nishidera Gōta & enaha) / 24 décembre (vo. Mizuno Mari) / Tokyo no machi ni yuki ga furu hi, futari no koi wa owatta. (vo. Mizuno Mari) / nichiyōbi (vo. Nishidera Gōta) / Y.O.U. (vo. Yoshikawa Tomoko) / kinō no tsuzuki (vo. Yoshikawa Tomoko) / kanashii uwasa (vo. Yoshikawa Tomoko & Konishi Yasuharu) / Gondola no uta (vo. Konishi Yasuharu) / Magic Carpet Ride (vo. Nishidera Gōta & enaha) / Stars (vo. Kōda Miyako, piano Konishi Yasuharu)

Encore: Love Again (vo. Konishi Yasuharu) / To Our Children's Children's Children (vo. & piano Konishi Yasuharu)


Music release news: "G.I.R.L.S RAP", Aira Mitsuki, Bank

Various Artists "G.I.R.L.S RAP" Bajune Tobeta "Tokyo Galaxy" Aira Mitsuki "Lightsaver" (Download) Bank "True Tempo"

This week's video: DJ Misoshiru to MC Gohan "This Is Isetan Underground"

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September 20, 2015

Weekly revue: 2015 week #38 (September 12 to 19)

Food: - Curry at Piwang, Kichijoji
- Nuts praline Cremia ice cream at Rose Bakery, Kichijoji
- Hot dog with Libertin sausage at Paddlers Coffee, Hatagaya
- Ahiru Store, Shibuya

Piwang Cremia ice cream at Rose Bakery Paddlers Coffee Paddlers Coffee

Ahiru Store Ahiru Store Ahiru Store Ahiru Store

Music event: I went to the release party for CTO LAB.'s "3 Cycles" and Chiroline ver.3's "Last Pajama Party". The event itself was called "Last Pajama Party". :) Technoboys Pulcraft Green-Fund were also playing, and they were on stage first. That was some amazing live techno with twin drums (acoustic and electronic)! I was also excited to see the Juno-6 in action. I also own one but I can't make such good sounds.

Technoboys Pulcraft Green Fund Technoboys Pulcraft Green Fund Technoboys Pulcraft Green Fund

Next was Chiroline ver.3! The band has changed since ver.2, two have left, and bassist Noe has joined. Chiroline ver.3 is formed of Marika (guitar), Noe (bass) and Airi (drums), all of which also take turns singing. That was a nice show, including all new songs from mini-album "Last Pajama Party", and a few other favorites. CTO/Aprils' Imai Kentarō joined for the last two songs.

Set list: Cowgirl at High Noon / tochū ni shite ne / suteki na Girl Meets Girl / konna ja dame kamisama / Napolitan / Brand-New Morning / sonna Banana / Hello, Goodbye

新チロリン / Chiroline ver.3 新チロリン / Chiroline ver.3 新チロリン / Chiroline ver.3

Last up was CTO LAB. Their set was preceded with live painting by Kow Yokoyama who digitally painted the "3 Cycles" jacket while the DJ played "mirai no kioku" and "Pack up my sorrow".

Then CTO LAB. appeared and played all songs from "3 Cycles" among others, sometimes with dancing by Taichi and Saki of Genius. I'm always amazed at Imai-kun's ability to sing the periodic elements! For the encore Chiroline were called back on stage for a Moonriders cover and CTO's ending song "Crash Bandicoot".

Set list: 2001 A Space Odyssey / The Elements / sekai wa Bon Hi-Bon / itoko dōshi / Smile / Space Arcadian / Go! Spiral Go!
Encore w/ Chiroline ver.3: ii Papa ii Mama warui Papa Polka / Crash Bandicoot



Music release news: The Collectors, Bajune Tobeta, Yano Akiko, tofubeats

The Collectors "iitai koto ienai koto iisobireta koto" Bajune Tobeta "Tokyo Galaxy" Yano Akiko "Welcome to Jupiter" tofubeats "Positive"

I also had fun running around to collect autographs from all of CTO LAB. and Chiroline ver.3. :)

CTO LAB. Chiroline ver.3

More photos from the show at Flickr.

Playlist: Cornelius, CTO LAB. Chiroline ver.3, Pizzicato One, Hoshino Michiru, The Scooters

Cornelius "Constellations of Music" CTO LAB. "3 Cycles" Chiroline ver.3 "Last Pajama Party" Pizzicato One "watakushi no nijūseiki" HOSHINO Michiru "You Love Me" Scooters "Une Manche et La Belle" The Scooters "The Scooters NOW !" Scooters "musumegokoro wa SCOOTERS"

This week's video: tofubeats "asa ga kuru made owaru koto no nai Dance o"

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September 13, 2015

Weekly revue: 2015 week #37 (September 5 to 11)

Food: - Chicken curry at Indian canteen AMI (Facebook page), Komazawa
- Free(!?) & delicious gelato at Gelato World Tour!
- "Sunday Bake Shop x Kumiko" Thai food event at Sunday Bake Shop! We had a variety of delicious Thai dishes and inspired desserts! :)

Indian canteen AMI Gelato World Tour Gelato World Tour Gelato World Tour Gelato World Tour
"Sunday Bake Shop × Kumiko" "Sunday Bake Shop × Kumiko" "Sunday Bake Shop × Kumiko" "Sunday Bake Shop × Kumiko"

Music event: - I went to event "Udagawa Council #2" at Kissa Smile in Shibuya. This event is organized by Nakamura Dai (of BANK, who also runs the label Too Young Records). I had seen BANK a few times before at events featuring Takanami K-taro, and also I was interested in both other bands this time, Misola and Freedom Suite Folk Club (the latest form of Yamashita Yō's band Freedom Suite).

Nakamura Dai played solo songs, and also a cover of "Alone Again (Naturally)", and song "Morning" by his 90's band Arch (Crue-L Records). He also announced the release of a new album by his band BANK, to be released on September 26. The album is mixed by Kanda Tomoki. A release live will be held on October 10 at Shichimencho in Shibuya.

Next was Misola, a city pop band that I knew of because it released an album on Orange Records. The band features two other members of BANK, and also drummer Kitayama Yūko who I had seen play in Hitomitoi's band a few years ago. Her drumming has a distinctive style that I can recognize. That was a great set!

Last was Freedom Suite Folk Club, the current form of Yamashita Yō's band Freedom Suite which was also released on Crue-L in the 90's. They played mostly covers, of Kings of Convenience, The Jam (Paul Weller), Lindisfarne, Arthur Alexander ("Soldier of Love"), Smokey Robinson ("You Really Got A Hold On Me"), and also an original.

中村大 MISOLA Freedom Suite Folk Club

The next "Udagawa Council" is already being planned, it will be held on November 1st at Fūchi Kūchi in Shimokitazawa, and will again feature Freedom Suite Folk Club, and also I think Wack Wack Rhythm Band's Kunimi Tomoko and Kanda Tomoki.

Music release news: Denki Groove, Yano Akiko

Denki Groove "Fallin' Down" (12") Yano Akiko "Tong Poo" (7")

Playlist: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, YeYe, hitomitoi, Sunaga t Experience, Especia, Hoshino Michiru, Cornelius

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu "Mondai Girl" YeYe "Hue Circle" hitomitoi "Surfbank Social Club" Sunaga t Experience "STE" hitomitoi "Pacific High / Aleutian Low" Especia "Gusto" HOSHINO Michiru "You Love Me" Cornelius "Constellations of Music"

This week's videos: Yano Akiko "Tong Poo" (arranged by Seiho!)

Also Vanilla Beans live with Shinohara Tomoe! Part 2 here.

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September 6, 2015

Weekly revue: 2015 week #36 (August 29 to September 4)

Food: - Chicken keema curry at Bharat Spice Labo, Omotesandō
- Pineapple cakes at SunnyHills, Minami-Aoyama
- Smallest cheeseburger & onion rings at Teddy's Bigger Burgers, Harajuku
- Nasi goreng at Malay Asian Cuisine, Shibuya

Pineapple cake at Sunny Hills in Aoyama Teddy's Bigger Burgers Malay Asian Cuisine

Music event: Went to an event featuring Harco and YeYe at Moon Romantic (aka tsuki miru kimi omou) in Gaienmae. It was my first time seeing both and I had a great time! I especially enjoyed YeYe's set and ended up buying her latest album's LP, which she autographed for me! :) There were also shops including Sunday Bake Shop where I got delicious cookies and coffee. :) Btw I love YeYe's video for the song "Parade"! Check it out below.

YeYe YeYe YeYe HARCO 20150904yeye&i_180.jpg

Exhibitions: - Dropped by space yui where Amigo Koike was exhibiting paintings mainly under the theme "Higashi-Nihon" (East Japan). Many beautiful and serene landscapes. This exhibition will go to Yokohama from September 7 to 19 (closed on 13), at Yui Garden (shopB). Details here.

Painting by Amigo KOIKE Painting by Amigo KOIKE Painting by Amigo KOIKE

- Also went to the art gallery at Seibu Shibuya to see an exhibition titled "Post-Painting" featuring works by HITOTZUKI, KAWS, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Christo and more. This is on until today September 6! I also liked a some painted monitors by Houxo Que nearby. Info.

HITOTZUKI KAWS Christo Houxo Que

Music release news: Towa Tei feat. UA, Hoshino Michiru, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, CAPSULE, Count Joke

Towa Tei feat. UA "Sound of Music" (12") Hoshino Michiru "You Love Me ~you love me more today than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow~" Kyary Pamyu Pamyu "Crazy Party Night ~Pumpkin no gyakushū~" CAPSULE "Wave Runner (Deluxe Edition)" Count Joke "Pink Shadow / tamago" (7"+CD)

Playlist: Towa Tei, Halcali, Kit Cat, YMCK, CAPSULE, Chiroline ver.3, Vanilla Beans

Towa Tei "Cute" Halcali "ongaku no susume" Kit Cat "Scratch You!" YMCK "Family Dancing" CAPSULE "Wave Runner" Chiroline ver.3 "Last Pajama Party" Vanilla Beans "Vanilla Beans IV"

This week's video: YeYe "Parade"

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu "Crazy Party Night"

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