Blog - Weekly revue: 2014 week #21 (May 17 to 23)

Weekly revue: 2014 week #21 (May 17 to 23)

Food: - Pâté de campagne and Japanese beef steak "ichibo" at SAjiYA, Shibuya
- Choucroute at Kinasse, Hatagaya
- Japanese Black beef cheeseburger at Blacows, Ebisu
- Smoked duck and curries at Tapir, Shin-Ōkubo

Pâté de campagne Japanese beef steak ("ichibo") Choucroute Cheeseburger Smoked duck

Events: - We went to a free screening of "ART4SPACE", a short film by Invader (the French street artist behind the space invader ceramics that can be seen in many cities worldwide). He was in town putting up more of his latest pieces, and we even got to meet him for an autograph of his "L'invasion de Paris" book. :) Free screenings continue everyday at Uplink from 10:00 to 22:00 until June 2.

Astro Boy, Slime and Mona Lisa Invaded Invader

- The next day we went to Uplink once again, for an event held by music writer Salam Unagami. We had met him by coincidence at the Delhi airport in February, and he said he was on his way to a festival of Sufi music. In this event he and his fellow travelers talked about and presented videos of many artists they saw at the World Sufi Spirit Festival. The most surprising, and one of the best, was an artist from Nova-Scotia (Canada) named Tahir Hussain Faridi Qawwal. See a clip below.

Music event: - I went to see Cibo Matto live at Liquidroom! Their band featured Oyamada Keigo (Cornelius) on guitar, Araki Yuko (mi-gu, The Cornelius Group) on drums, and Ohno Yumiko (Buffalo Daughter) on chorus, and a great bassist they probably brought from the U.S. (whose name I can't recall). That was an awesome show, about half of it from "Hotel Valentine" with the rest from "Viva! La Woman" and "Stereotype A", and also the great "Aguas de março"!

Set list: Le pain perdu / Sugar Water / 10th Floor Ghost Girl / Emerald Tuesday / Sci-fi Wasabi / Déjà-vu / Housekeeping / Blue Train / Moonchild / Check-in / MFN
Encore: Aguas de março / Birthday Cake

Music release news: Dark Model, Hoshino Michiru

Dark Model "Dark Model" Hoshino Michiru "ame no naka no Dreamer" (7"+CD)

Playlist: Cibo Matto, Vanilla Beans, Jintana & Emeralds, Dorian, frenesi, hitomitoi

Cibo Matto "Hotel Valentine" Vanilla Beans "watashi... fukō guse" Jintana & Emeralds "Destiny" Dorian "midori" frenesi "Cupra" hitomitoi "Surfbank Social Club"

This week's videos:

Vanilla Beans "watashi... fukō guse"

Fanna-Fi-Allah Sufi Qawwali live in Egypt "Allah Hoo"

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