Blog - Weekly revue: 2012 week #17 (April 21 to 27)

Art Food Weekly revue: 2012 week #17 (April 21 to 27)

Food: - Lunch set at Kichimu in Kichijoji. The place is owned by clammbon's Harada Ikuko and her sister. Sunday Bake Shop was also holding a temporary stall there and we enjoyed some Eton Mess and Banoffi Pie.

- Met Thai friend Oak and we went to have some great soba at Kawakamian in Minami-Aoyama!

トサカンムリフーズ キチム 川上庵

Stuff: - While eating desserts someone dropped by to recommend a "fève" exhibition at a nearby shop. I had heard of the event a while ago but had forgotten about it. We went and I found this unexpected synthesizer fève! There were a lot of other cute ones and also accessories made using fèves.
(Fèves (meaning "beans") are made to be used in "galette des rois", a pie eaten on Epiphany Eve. The person who finds the fève is the king of the day.)
- New shoes: Mario Bros. One Star Converse! Japan-exclusive.

シンセフェーヴ 猫フェーヴ

Music release news: Towa Tei, Meg, 80kidz, "Girly Graffiti" (French-pop and Beatles cover compilations)

Towa Tei "MACH2012" Meg "La japonaise" 80kidz "Turbo Town" Various Artists "Girly Graffiti ~a letter from Paris~" Various Artists "Girly Graffiti ~from Liverpool with love~"

Playlist: Justice, Denki Groove, Vanilla Beans, Pizzicato Five, Perfume, ...

Justice "Audio, Video, Disco" Denki Groove "Shameful" Vanilla Beans "Choco Mint Flavor Time" Vanilla Beans "tengoku e no kaidan" Pizzicato Five "This Year's Girl" Perfume "Game"

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