Blog - Weekly revue: 2012 week #12 (March 17 to 23)

Music Weekly revue: 2012 week #12 (March 17 to 23)

Food: Tuesday was a national holiday, and we went to have a picnic with Sunday Bake Shop and friends! We were lucky to have very good spring weather! Some 20 people turned up and there was so much good food! :)

Picnic Picnic Picnic agneau

New music:
- I bought Portable Rock's new album "Lost & Found" at Maki's show. This contains 10 live tracks, and 2 new songs that have lyrics written by Konishi-san. I had the chance to be in the audience of the 2006 show at Shinjuku Loft, of which 4 songs are included here. It's a pleasure to hear this again!
- Not quite new music, but I found a Zin-säy 7" titled "Love" at Mecano, full of some of my favorite songs, and with a bonus sonosheet! Happy!
- Not quite new music either, but The Suzan have a new fun video for song "Ha Ha Ha"! Watch it below.

Portable Rock "Lost & Found" 人生

Music events:
- On Monday March 19 was Nomiya Maki's 30th anniversary concert! See my detailed report here.
- On Saturday March 17, I went to see Vanilla Beans' in-store mini-live at Tsutaya in Nakano! The new outfits (as seen in the latest video) are very cute! It was a rainy day but the small space was quite packed. Set list: "Yes? No?" / "kimagure na Palette Type" / "Nicola" / "Choco Mint Flavor Time". I plan to go see them again on release day at Tower Records Shibuya!

Playlist: Portable Rock, Pizzicato Five, dahlia, "Crue-L Future",...

Portable Rock "QT+1" Pizzicato Five "The International Playboy & Playgirl Record" dahlia "Nude Lumiere" Various Artists "Crue-L Future"

Music release news: Some Aprils collaboration works: Lo-Fi-Pnk and "Bell to issho." (DVD)

Lo-Fi-Pnk "Tune Up!" (Download) "Bell to issho." (DVD)

The Suzan "Ha Ha Ha"

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