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Art Tokyo .06 ESOW x Toshikazu NOZAKA exhibition

November 6, 2011

Art Tokyo ESOW x Toshikazu NOZAKA exhibition

Today we were in Musashi-Koganei to check out ESOW's latest exhibition, a collaboration with street artist and skater Toshikazu Nozaka. There are about two dozen new works, most solo by each of the two artists but a few done together. As always ESOW's style is just great with ingenious usage of wooden surfaces, strong Japanese roots and a touch of humor.


The exhibition's title is "rakugaki shinsekai" (「楽描新世界」, new world of graffiti (written using unusual kanji)). It's held at Musashino Garō until November 13, from 13:00 to 21:00.

And if you like some good cake, there's a nice shop down the road called "Porsche" (Tabelog) where I was happy to find some authentic black forest cake. :)

We also went to the Harappa Festival not too far away, which had a lot of good food stalls and live music. The festival is on this Sunday too (if the weather will allow..!).


Larger sizes and more photos at Flickr

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