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Art Nakano .15 "Space A" group exhibition

May 15, 2011

Art Nakano "Space A" group exhibition

have a good timeTonight we were headed to a shop to buy a chair in Nakano, and on the way we passed Look Gallery where we had been before. We weren't even aware whether there was an exhibition going on, but there were several people hanging out there and then we noticed the large welcoming "have a good time" mural that we knew from the T-shirt shop located above The Last Gallery in Shirogane. We had to hurry to the shop so we decided to check this out on the way back.

Half an hour passed and we were now carrying a chair. There were many more people at the gallery, and someone familiar greeted us. I left the chair outside on the sidewalk, and we walked in to see the show. Needless to say it didn't take long until one of the people enjoying drinks outside borrowed our chair. :)

Turned out it was a group exhibition titled "Space A", of works by graffiti artists like QP, EKYS, SECT, WANTO, etc.! Many artists had designed T-shirts that were on display, though they not being sold.

have a good timehave a good time

There were various types of artwork on the walls too. At the center were a series of 3 black frames of scratched glass obviously by QP, the middle one that read "Now is the time".

have a good timehave a good timehave a good time

I love these kinds of coincidences like they happen in Tokyo! After having looked around, we picked up our chair and were on our way.

"Space A" goes on until May 29 at Look Gallery (1-34-20 Arai, Nakano-ku).

Also it looks like there's another show with QP, WANTO, SECT, 阿満都" (ALMOND) and many more at The Last Gallery (3-1-11 Shirogane, Minato-ku), this one until May 28.

Larger sizes and more photos at Flickr

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