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Music Stage .31 COSMETICS live at Apple Store Shibuya: report
Music Stage .26 "Haruomi de Night vol.2" DJ event set list
Stage .23 Hosono/YMO DJ event in Kōenji this Saturday (7/25)
Music Stage .18 The Sound of 60/90 event report
Music Stage .12 "Our House" DJ event set lists
Stage .08 DJ event Our House in Sangenjaya this Saturday (7/11)

July 31, 2009

Music Stage COSMETICS live at Apple Store Shibuya: report

Yesterday I went to Apple Store Shibuya to see COSMETICS, the three piece idol unit produced by Rocketman (aka Fukawa Ryō who is also a popular comedian). I've been a big fan of him as both musician and comedian. He has previously collaborated with Konishi Yasuharu in the late 90's, and his two latest albums "Love, sea & music" and "The Sound of Musique" were co-produced by Yoshida Tetsuto. I was relistening to them this week as they're good summer albums with a club sound.

So yesterday, I thought I was a bit early 30 minutes before the start, and was going to do some shopping on the way, but by curiosity I passed in front of Apple Store and found a long line of people outside! Of course I didn't wait and went to take place in the line.

When finally entering the shop, I was able to find a place to stand some 5 rows away from the stage, but because the stage is about floor level I couldn't see much at all, only a glimpse of a girl at a time. The place was packed, impressive for a new unit that has only released 2 songs for download only.

Still I could enjoy COSMETICS's nice show, their very first, cutely dancing along their first two singles "Love Is All" and "Tomorrow".

Fukawa P came on stage in between for some funny MCing, saying things like "you might notice halfway through the song... 'wait! is there any volume on their mics?', the volume is set to 2 while they sing", and telling the crowd to see this as a dance recital, and how he feels the most nervous of them all even though he watched away from the stage. Before the songs he told the girls "so as soon as I press play I'll rush out of the stage here, so be careful not to stand in the way." :)

These photos I took are the best I could see:


You can see much better ones over at music news site, and also check out the video clips below.


COSMETICS "Tomorrow"

COSMETICS can be seen on stage again at event "B.L.T. Girls Woodstock Vol.15" at Ebisu Live Gate on August 8. The event starts at noon.

Larger sizes and more photos at Flickr

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July 26, 2009

Music Stage "Haruomi de Night vol.2" DJ event set list

Last night was event Haruomi de Night vol.2 at Koenji Connection.

The event was a lot of fun! Thanks a lot to those who came. お疲れ様 to organizer momo 8 and DJs donbei, Ōtake-san and Akashic.


I DJ'd a 30-minute set that went along these lines.

Yellow Magic Orchestra
Cosmic Surfin' (intro) / コズミックサーフィン (イントロ)
Cosmic Invention / コズミックインベンション
Cosmic Surfin' / コズミックサーフィン
Yellow Magic Orchestra
Rydeen (2nd half) / ライディーン (後半)
imokin Trio / イモ欽トリオ
High School Lullaby (2nd half) / ハイスクールララバイ (後半)
Yellow Magic Orchestra
Chaos Panic
Akiyama Emi / 秋山絵美
Kyonshi-!!! (2nd half) / キョンシー!!! (後半)
The Orangers
Heart Break Taiyo-Zoku in Frankfurt 1993 (2nd half / 後半)
Yellow Magic Orchestra
Absolute Ego Dance (Denki's Eisa-Rmx) (Remixed by Denki Groove) (2nd half / 後半)
Kawakami-san to Nagashima-san / 川上さんと長島さん
kitaka chō-san matteta don / きたかチョーさん まってたドン
Yellow Magic Carnival
Yasuno Tomoko / 安野ともこ
Angel kitaru / エンゼル来たる
Aira Mitsuki
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (Thereminvox mixes) / 戦場のメリークリスマス
Sakaitsukasa Yūko / 酒井司優子
Computer obaachan / コンピュータおばあちゃん

Towards the end we had some party guys drop in, here are some dark video clips of them enjoying momo 8's set. :)

Larger sizes and more photos at Flickr

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July 23, 2009

Stage Hosono/YMO DJ event in Kōenji this Saturday (7/25)

Haruomi de Night vol.2 / ハルオミでナイト vol.2Announcement! / 告知

I will DJ a short set this Saturday at Kōenji Connection, for an event called Haruomi de Night. Only YMO-related music will be played, focusing on works by Hosono Haruomi. The event is usually strictly Hosono, but this time they bent the rules so that Takahashi and Sakamoto fans can also feel at their place.

My set should include a good dose of YMO-produced techno-kayō, some remixes and covers, and a few YMO favorites. I have only 30 minutes, from 21:20, and I plan to make good use of it. :)

Entrance is ¥500 plus a drink order. Despite my set being short, I'll hang around to listen to the sets by the others and hopefully learn more about Hosono and YMO. Come have a good time with us!



Haruomi de Night vol.2
ハルオミでナイト vol.2

on 7/25 (Saturday)
at Kōenji Connection (map)
4-23-4 Kōenji-minami B1F, Suginami-ku, Tokyo


momo 8
Ōtake Tetsuya

Charge: ¥500 + drink order
Starts at 19:20, ends at 24:00

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July 18, 2009

Music Stage The Sound of 60/90 event report

Last night I went to Aoi Heya in Shibuya with my friend Miwa to see an event featuring Les 5-4-3-2-1. After I had already decided to go, Vanilla Beans were added to the line-up so I was really happy to finally get to see them.

Also coming to the event was Brazilian friend Leandro and his wife, who are big Shibuya-kei fans. He's visiting Japan for the first time.

First up was post-Shibuya-kei girl duo Vanilla Beans (MySpace) formed of Rena and Lisa. They sang 4 songs, interleaved with some funny talk, Rena quizzing Lisa on prices for common things at the conbini which she had no idea about (she plays the role of the rich girl). They gave a great show, complete with choreographed moves (which their followers in the audience did too). Very cute too!

Set list: Nicola / koi no Theory / sakasaka Circus / Love & Hate

The last song they played is their next single coming in September, the lyrics were written by Kaji Hideki. (Those interested, stay tuned at the agenda where details will show up eventually.)

Next up was Kinoco Hotel (MySpace), a GS girl band. They wore cute red dresses à la Sgt. Pepper's, and gave a rocking show! All of them are really talented. I especially liked the singer's great keys, and also the drummer who contrasts with the other by always keeps a big smile. The guitarist was also amazing, always getting into crazy solos. The bassist was maybe the least noticeable, but that's because she was as steady as can be. Awesome show, I'd love to see them again!


Third on stage came Les 5-4-3-2-1! This time all members wore a matching sailor outfit, that was quite funny! The band's line up was same as last time, with Nakayama Tsutomu (organ), Kikuchi Akira (guitar) and Ono-rong (drums), and of course Sally Kubota (bass) and Hitomi. They gave an amazing show again, with Hitomi's awesome vocals!

It looks like they don't have a next show planned, so please someone organize an event and invite them.

les 5-4-3-2-1les 5-4-3-2-1

Set list: Opening 1 / Bond Street / Fantastic Voyage / Bus Stop (Hollies cover) / otoko no ko onna no ko (un garçon et une fille) / Le cœur qui jazz / Dance sanka (les 5-4-3-2-1 et leur style de danse) / Golden Picnic (new song) / NON! NON! NON! / Opening 2

Last up was cult GS band The Gullivers (YouTube, music only) for some sort of revival show. They surely had the highest average age of the event. They played mostly covers, including Jimi Hendrix' "Purple Haze". I especially liked the long-haired guy who could sing great English. Good show!


On the way out we got to meet Sally Kubota, always a very nice guy, and Vanilla Beans who were doing promotion selling their CDs. Rena and Lisa were even cute up close and they were very kind to take photos with us!


Afterwards we headed to Cafe & Diner Studio on the other side of Shibuya hoping to see DJs Yoshida Tetsuto, Fukuta Takeshi, Nagata Kazunao and Tokiwa Hibiki... Sure enough the DJs were there, but their event was canceled because the bar double-booked the evening! Damn... We stayed for one drink while waiting to know what would happen, while listening to some boring R&B. Better luck next time.

Still we had a great evening. Great friends and great shows!


Les 5-4-3-2-1 don't have other shows planned, but Sally Kubota's unit Sally Soul Stew can be seen on September 5 at Club Que in Shimokitazawa, together with Kotaro & Bizarre Men (MySpace), and Kinoco Hotel. (Pia)

Sally Kubota,Nakayama Tsutomu and also drummer Yoshié will be in the back-band for Gallantique Kazue's mini-recital at Aoyama Mandala on August 2. (Details and reservations)

Larger sizes and more photos at Flickr

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July 12, 2009

Music Stage "Our House" DJ event set lists

I DJ'd at event "Our House" on Saturday evening. It was a lot of fun!


Many thanks to organizers and resident DJs Kanae-chan and Harada-san, DJ Hase-san, and everyone who came to visit! お疲れ様でした!

Below are my 2 set lists:

Set #1 (around 21:00) —

sono na wa Spade (The Lady Spade) / その名はスペィド (Official site, MySpace)
"Next Mission" / 「次のミッションの情報が届きました」
Konishi Yasuharu / 小西康陽
"Tomba e duello" (from City Boys "I messaggeri degli imbecilli vanno all'ovest" soundtrack)
Sunahara Yoshinori / 砂原良徳 (Official site)
"Life & Space"
"perfect lineage saved"
Rodion (MySpace)
"la prova col vocoder"
Aira Mitsuki (Official site, MySpace)
"Science Music"
Love Tambourines
"Never Can Say Goodbye (Spikewave illmatic dub remix)"
I am Robot and Proud (MySpace)
"center cities"
"Boa Chega"

Set #2 (around 22:45) —

Crue-L Grand Orchestra
"Candidate For Love"
Ino Hidefumi
"Billie Jean" (Private remix feat. MJ)
"Chūō Freeway" / 「中央フリーウェイ」
frenesi (Official site, MySpace)
"Lowits Ark"
Sunaga t Experience (Official site, MySpace)
"Times 24h by starlight (Instrumental)"
Konishi Yasuharu / 小西康陽
"Cheburashka no uta" / 「チェブラーシカの歌」
Okazaki Noriko
"Slide" (Flipper's Guitar cover, from Orange Records "incense" compilation)
Towa Tei (Official site, MySpace)
"Ch. Galaxy"
Pizzicato Five
"ice cream meltin' mellow marin mix 2" (Remixed by Sunahara Yoshinori)
Saint Etienne (Official site, MySpace)
"52 Pilot"
Ennio Morricone
"Il Mio Nome E Nessuno"

Get a taste of the event with these video clips featuring my El mas Santo luchadores in action:

Announcement #1:
Kanae-chan's band Hi-Tremolo can be seen live tomorrow/today (Sunday) at Ringoya, Ikebukuro. Details at Tokyo Gig Guide.

Announcement #2:
I will DJ again on July 25 (Saturday) at Koenji Connection, the event is "Haruomi de Night" and will revolve around works by Yellow Magic Orchestra and especially Hosono Haruomi.

Larger sizes and more photos at Flickr

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July 8, 2009

Stage DJ event Our House in Sangenjaya this Saturday (7/11)

Announcement! / 告知

I've been invited to DJ at a café in Sangenjaya ("Sancha") this Saturday. The place is called Rain on the Roof. The event will last from 18:00 to 23:00, and I will select some quiet-ish BGM of mixed genres.

Entrance is free, so come enjoy coffee or tea and some good food, and good music of course.

この土曜日、三軒茶屋にあるRain on the RoofというカフェでBGM的にDJします!ちょっと静かな選曲を用意します。


Our House

on 7/11 (Saturday)
at Rain on the Roof (map)
2-14-22 Sangenjaya 2F, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo


Yamaguchi Kanae (Hi-Tremolo)
Harada Masashi
Hase Yasuhiro (solange et delphine)
Patrick Benny

Charge: Free!
Starts around 18:00, ends around 23:00

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