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Last Sunday we went to Tachikawa-shi to take a walk in along a river named Tamagawa-jōsui. There's a rough path along the river for several kilometers, with trees and some nature, and we thought it would make for a nice escape on such a hot day.


We got to our starting point at Tamagawa-jōsui station on Seibu-Shinjuku line, but it was already past 1 o'clock. We had hoped to eat lunch at a soba shop located along the river, but they had already sold out.

Left: soba shop. Right: eggplant "cows" on a street corner for obon.

We were hungry though, and it didn't look like there was much elsewhere to eat around there. We ended up finding a small udon shop which was good. Their udon noodles were hand-cut and very thick.

Back near the river, our next stop was a foot bath, it consists of shallow pools of hot water for soaking feet only. There were a several local people of all ages enjoying the free attraction.


The other main stop on our plan was a bread shop called Zelkowa where we had reserved some bread because it always sells out early in the day. We actually went there by train because it looked like it was quite a long way.

Sign outside of Zelkowa

Nearby was a shop selling vegetables at an unattended stand. You take what you want and put the money in a small box. These seem to be rather common in Japan countryside.

In front of that shop were some lotus plants. With the flowers they look pretty from far away, but the things that hold the seeds aren't as inviting.


Bonus: This is the Tama Monorail, decorated with Tama Zoo advertisements, arriving at Tamagawa-jōsui station.


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