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On our first full day in Hong Kong (Sunday July 27), first thing in the morning we headed towards station Tsim Sha Tsui to exchange some money. Chungking Mansion is well known as a cluster of money exchangers with good rates, and indeed the rates there were very good, but we found yet a better rate at the back of a nearby building (《Wing Hoi Money Exchange Co.》, Shop 9B, G/F, Mirador Arcade, 58 Nathan Road).

We took the train down to Central, passed some crowds of ladies from the Philippines, and then hopped on a double-decker bus headed for Stanley, a southern part of Hong Kong island famous for some beaches, temples and a market that attracts many tourists. It was still early in the day (around noon) so it wasn't too crowded.

バスバスFeng Shui
Seen from the 2nd floor of a double-decker bus. 3rd photo is of a building with a hole to respect feng shui
Nearby Stanley Market. 4th photo is of the official China Olympics characters

At the market I was lucky to find a LED marquee belt clip like I had seen my friend Hase-san using at a solange et delphine show last year. I had really wanted one at that time but didn't dare going to search at 109. :)

Temple by Stanley Market, 8-bit-style details on top of temple

After a short break at Gino's Gelato, we took a bus to Aberdeen and transferred to South Horizons, where we went looking for bargains at Space (Prada outlet), Joyce Warehouse and a Lane Crawford outlet. There wasn't much for us though.

South HorizonsSouth Horizonsバス

We waited for another bus nearby to take us back to Wan Chai, where we went to the same gyōza restaurant as our previous HK trip (《餃子源》 259 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai).

Gyōza, Olympics character in Causeway Bay

Walking back to Causeway Bay, we did some shopping at G.O.D, where I got a few new T-shirts. We did a little bit of graffiti watching around Times Square, and we bought some sweets at Honeymoon Dessert before heading back to our hotel. We were then able to do a bit of late night shopping on Granville Road, where some shops are open past 23:00.

ステンシルHoneymoon Dessert
Huge stencil graffiti, Honeymoon Dessert

Larger sizes and more photos at Flickr

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i had no idea you liked hk so much. does it seem cheap compared to japan? most of my friends here seem to find it expensive compared to prices here in taiwan.

Posted by william on August 5, 2008 at 15:33

Hong Kong is a bit cheaper than Japan, and it's fun for shopping. The food is probably as good and also cheaper in Taiwan though. :)

I really want to go back to Taiwan again soon too!

Posted by Patrick on August 6, 2008 at 00:01

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