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Sunday was event "High Flash Lovers 01" at new Kōenji venue Koenji High that just opened in January. The event is organized by Bespa Kumamero, and also featured Shinohara Tomoe (with Ono Kaori & Steve Etō), Flip Flap, and Overrocket. There was also Motocompo's Dr. Usui DJing a good variety (techno-pop, pico-pico and some 80's) in-between the acts. The place was quite packed right from the start!

First was Flip Flap (MySpace), a duo of two identical twin girls who were mostly active musically at the end of the 90's. It looks like they're back now, and they even had a new song or two! They were accompanied by a DJ Norio who had a lot of electronic gear and a theremin. They first sang several songs, old and new, and then they sang a medley of older songs re-arranged in techno-pop flavor, and ended the show with a cover of Denki Groove's "Niji".

Next up was Bespa Kumamero (MySpace), a techno-pop unit that mixes in some hard techno and rave sounds and also some occasional metal guitar. Some songs sounded very good to me, but some of the louder ones weren't really my thing. Nevertheless their show was very entertaining and colorful, with a lot of stage props like an electronic rice bowl, feather fans and a large sword. Their pink and black Cyberdog-ish outfits are also quite impressive in themselves, and so is Monkichi's beard! They have a new album called "Romantic Waves" just out.

Shinohara Tomoe (MySpace) then got on stage with percussionist Steve Etō on his electronic synth drum, and Ono Kaori who played a large djembe. They really hadn't practiced so it was all ad-lib. Tomoe sang just a few songs, starting with "Micro Blue" (from album "Megaphone Speaks") and later a new tango track. The rest of the time she mostly improvised some raps over her MC-303, entertaining the audience saying funny things, and sometimes she would play pianica or harmonica while the two others added percussions.

Some more photos (and larger sizes) at Flickr

Also check Tomoe's blog for more photos (February 25, 2008 entry). Thanks for the nice show Tomoe!!

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