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On Friday I dropped by Port of Notes' in-store mini-live at Tower Records Shinjuku. The guitar and vocal duo unit of Hatakeyama Miyuki and DSK (aka Kojima Daisuke), an important band of label Crue-L Records formed in 1996, performed a selection of songs from their recent "Blue Arpeggio ~Own Best Selection~" greatest hits album.

The set list went like this: boku no mita kinō / nani o omoun darō / (You Are) More Than Paradise / hon no sukoshi / ? (lyrics "... looking for something ...", sung by Daisuke) / ? (new song, lyrics "shizuka na yūbe ...")

So far I've only been a casual fan, having heard just a few of their older CDs. I recognized More Than Paradise, a favorite of which I also love the cover on "Crue-L Grand Orchestra III", and also hon no sukoshi.

It was a nice little show, ending the week smoothly. I'll look into checking out more of their music, perhaps starting with this new greatest hits album.

Port of Notes can be caught live at Liquid Room on March 23, ¥4500 (Pia 282-987).

Greatest hits album "Blue Arpeggio" out now
Port of Notes at Tokyo Recohan

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