Blog - Weekly revue: 2014 week #48 (November 22 to 28)

Weekly revue: 2014 week #48 (November 22 to 28)

Outing: Spent last weekend in Ibaraki countryside, enjoying some autumn colors and the Scarecrow Festival that featured various characters made in hay (sometimes). Had great soba and local brand beef (Hitachi beef) and pork (Rose pork) too!

紅葉 紅葉 紅葉

かかし祭 かかし祭 かかし祭 かかし祭

Food: - Soba and tenpura
- Hitachi beef and Rose pork at Iijima

天ざる蕎麦 常陸牛ステーキ&ローズポークハンバーグ

Music event: I went to see Hoshino Michiru! The event was also a release party for a collaboration 7" single with The Scooters, covers of "Tokyo Disco Night" (The Scooters' classic rearranged) and "koi suru Fortune Cookie" (post-Michiru AKB48 hit). The 7" is only sold at shows for the time being. The event also featured The Scooters, Kinoco Hotel and Wack Wack Rhythm Band (who also joined during Michiru's set), with DJs Konishi Yasuharu and Fukutake! That was an awesome event full of music that I love. Check out the all-star curtain call!

星野みちる 星野みちる feat. Wack Wack Rhythm Band Curtain call

Stuff: Got the new "Ease Up" photo zine by our good old Flickr friend TRUE2DEATH who specializes in immortalizing graffiti'd freight trains. His photos are beautiful, and so is this 40-page full bleed zine! Each comes with a photo print, vintage railroad stationary and an original sticker. It can be bought online here.


Music release news: The Lady Spade, enami Taisuke, nananon, Taketatsu Ayana

The Lady Spade "Reverse Shaped Black Heart" enami Taisuke "f e r m e n t" nananon "Nana Nana Non Non" (7") Taketatsu Ayana "Colore Serenata"

Playlist: Yume to Cosme, Hoshino Michiru, etc. Just been too lazy to update!

Yume to Cosme "Kiss toka kirai toka" Yume to Cosme "zettai! Love Motion"

This week's video: Making movie of CAPSULE's upcoming album "Wave Runner" (Feb. 18, 2015)

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