Blog - Weekly revue: 2014 week #31 (July 26 to August 1)

Weekly revue: 2014 week #31 (July 26 to August 1)

Food: - Indian curry at British Indian Cafe 1930, Harajuku
- Coffee at Omotesando Koffee
- Black forest cake from Sucreries Nerd

British Indian Cafe 1930 omotesando koffee Gâteau forêt noire

Art: - Went to see artist Benicotoy's "Kitschy Award" solo exhibition at Kit Gallery, Harajuku. Her main works on display were trophies, a very unique theme! All were very original and colorful.


- Also I started playing the FlashInvaders iPhone game (also on Android), which lets you collect "space invaders" found around the world and gives you points accordingly. There are a bunch in Tokyo, but still it needs a lot of dedication to stay in the top 100 hall of fame. Those in Paris are lucky. :)

Music event: I went to Hoshino Michiru's release party for album "E-I-E-N Voyage". This event had a wonderful line-up, with two sets by Michiru, the 2nd featuring a large back-band mainly formed of members of Wack Wack Rhythm Band! That was wonderful! There were also DJ sets by Konishi Yasuharu and Kubota Takeshi, Nishidera Gota (Nona Reeves) and more. Plus Michiru's VJ was Sally Kubota (Sally Soul Stew). That was really a great event! I keep looking forward for more from her.

1st set: Moonlight ni sasowarete / watashi wa Schedy / mō Rendez-vous / Wonderland / koi no Funfair / shinkū Kiss / Orange iro / seikan renrakusen ~Night Voyage~ / issho ni tabi suru kimi e
2nd set: i-ji-wa-ru Darling / hanashite,,, / ame no naka no Dreamer / kanata e / Peaberry o mitsuketara / kono michi de / mo ichido Déjà-vu / rakuen to kisetsufū / Wish on a starry night
Encore: Magic Hour

星野みちる 星野みちる 小西康陽

Music release news: KANADe, Teen Runnings

KANADe "TARIKi" (Download) Teen Runnings "Now"

Playlist: Halfby, blue marble, Negicco, Missing Linc

Halfby "Green Hours" blue marble "full color" Negicco "Melody Palette" Missing Linc "In The Linc Room" Negicco "Sunshine Nihonkai"

This week's video: Kaji Hideki "Tropical Girl"

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