Blog - Weekly revue: 2014 week #2 (January 4 to 10)

Weekly revue: 2014 week #2 (January 4 to 10)

Food: - Sri Lankan curry (and not-so-Sri-Lankan curry) at Coji-coji, Mito
- Special thali at Gopinatha, Nakano
- Galette des rois (chocolate) and more from Maison Weniko, Mito
- Galette des rois (sanshō & hazelnuts) from Gontran Cherrier, Shibuya
- Galette des rois (chocolate, passion fruit & coconut) from Ladurée

コジコジ ゴピナータ

New music: - Not actually new since I already had it on CD, but the first music I bought this year is Nomiya Maki's "Pink no kokoro" on vinyl, which almost jumped at me at record shop Vinyl Machine (Mito). Looking at the liner notes I realized again how the Moonriders were deeply involved in this album, including Okada Tōru (CTO LAB.) who did many arrangements, and drummer Kashibuchi Tetsurō who passed away at the end of last year. I love this album!


- New track from Chromeo! "Come Alive feat. Toro y Moi"

Music release news: Especia, YMCK, Polysics, Yucca, the fascinations

Especia "YA-ME-TE! / Aventure wa giniro ni" YMCK "Tokyo Upside Down" (Download) Polysics "ACTION!!!" Yucca "You are right" (Download) the fascinations "Green In Blue"

Playlist: Au Revoir Simone, YMCK, frenesi, Dorian, Denki Groove, Tarte Tatin

Au Revoir Simone "Move In Spectrums" YMCK "Family Days" frenesi "gendai" frenesi "Dolphino" Dorian "midori" Denki Groove "U.F.O." Tarte Tatin "The Gutenberg Galaxy"

This week's video: Yucca "You are right"

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