Blog - Weekly revue: 2013 week #50 (December 7 to 13)

Weekly revue: 2013 week #50 (December 7 to 13)

Food: - Poulet yassa, at Los Barbados, Shibuya
- Monami's curry, at Magali (at Café Monami), Nishi-Ogikubo
- Bagels from Pochicoro Bagels, Nishi-Ogikubo
- Christmas cookies from a small shop, Nishi-Ogikubo

Poulet Yassa Monami's Curry

Exhibition: We went to see Picaro Taro's solo exhibition "TARO DOG with Cats@Parkside" at Gallery Mu (Facebook) in Shibuya. Picaro Taro paints dogs (and sometimes cats) in his fun, colorful and pop ways. Gallery Mu is a small counter bar located just across from NHK. The exhibition goes on until December 28. Tarō-san DJs whenever he's there, and you can bring your own records to spin too, as I did. :)

Picaro Taro Picaro Taro Picaro Taro Picaro Taro

New music: - After having half-forgotten about its release, I finally got blue marble's "full color" album. The whole album is great, but I was especially impressed by almost-16-minute gem "INTROIT", a complex and beautiful pop-oriented song that goes through bars of 7/4, 4/4, 11/8, 3/4, and some I can't even count. It's the song I listened to the most all week! I wish I can hear this live someday.

- Oh and I got frenesi's "Dolphino" too (although I already had "Landmark Theater"). This is great too of course! It includes several new and rare tracks! (By the way, blue marble is on frenesi's label.)

- Check out this free holidays compilation from Eenie Meenie Records, with songs by Old Monk and more, and also one track by Twisty which seems to be a new side project of Tsugumi (Old Monk, ex-PINE*am)!

blue marble "full color" frenesi "Dolphino"

Gig report: The Scooters, Juicy Fruits, Kotaro & The Bizarremen at Shibuya WWW

Music release news: mishmash* Julie Watai, Taketatsu Ayana, CANDLES, fox capture plan

mishmash* Julie Watai "The Second Album" (Booklet+Download) Taketatsu Ayana "shūmatsu Cinderella" CANDLES "Sense of direction" fox capture plan "BRIDGE"

Playlist: frenesi, blue marble, YMCK

frenesi "Dolphino" blue marble "full color" YMCK "Family Days"

This week's videos:

Cibo Matto "MFN"

Especia "umibe no Satie (Vexation Edit)"

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