Blog - Weekly revue: 2012 week #38 (September 15 to 21)

Food Music Weekly revue: 2012 week #38 (September 15 to 21)

Food: Lots of great food!
- Poulet yassa at African-style restaurant Los Barbados in Shibuya
- Sanma (Pacific saury) and tōgan (winter melon) curries, eggplant sambar and sweet potato biryani, at Tapir in Shin-Okubo
- "Cheese café" event at Fromagerie Alpage in Karugazaka
- Moules, smoked salmon open sandwich and charcuteries entrée, at Gontran Cherrier in Shibuya
- Had horse meat (raw and cooked) with colleagues at Baniku Shokudō Sakura in Nakano

プーレ・ヤッサ タピ チーズカフェ ゴントランシェリエ

Music event: Since album "gendai"'s release I had been very excited about seeing Frenesi live again! I went to her school-themed release party at Shibuya WWW of which you can read the details in my homework. :)

フレネシ フレネシ

New music: - I got Kaseki Cider's new album "Mr. City Pop". Only had a few listens so far and it's growing on me a bit slower than the previous ("Sound Burger Planet"), but I like it! It will be getting more heavy rotation in the following weeks.

Kaseki Cider "Mr. City Pop"

Music release news: J.A.M, Urbangarde, marino with Teapot Orchestra, Calmera, "Vee Jay no yoru Jazz" (compilation by Sunaga Tatsuo)

J.A.M "Jazz Acoustic Machine" Urbangarde "sayonara Subculture" marino with Teapot Orchestra "Bathtub de cho?shoku o" Calmera "1000nichimae High Colors" Various Artists "Vee Jay no yoru Jazz - Compiled by Tatsuo Sunaga"

Playlist: Dorian, Kaseki Cider, Teams, Necozawa Emi & Sphinx

Dorian "Melodies Memories" Kaseki Cider "Sound Burger Planet" Teams "Teams X White Lily Remixes" Emi Necozawa & Sphinx "Pyramidia"

This week's videos:

Breakbot (Ed Bangar) released his album in chocolate! It's sold at Colette in Paris.

E-Pak-Sa live on stage at a festival this year. Good to see young people enjoying him (not just grandmas as it's often the case).

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