Blog - Weekly revue: 2012 week #09 (February 25 to March 2)

Music Weekly revue: 2012 week #09 (February 25 to March 2)

Music event: Last Saturday I went to the "Girl Pop Crazy & Future-Pop Lounge" event at Shinjuku Be-Wave. It was a lot of fun, and I could see mini-shows by The Aprils and The Lady Spade, and also see DJs milch of source, Fukuta Takeshi, The Lady Spade's Tiffany and more. I posted more photos on Flickr

milch of source DJ TIFFANY The Aprils feat. The Lady Spade 福田タケシ その名はスペィド

- South indian curry, safran rice and onion pakora at Cochin Nivas, Shinjuku
- Strawberry & rhubarb almond cake, lemon cake & triple-chocolate brownie from Sunday Bake Shop

New music: Great new videos by Vanilla Beans and Recoride.
- By the way, Perfume have moved to Universal Music and are going global! The new site seems to be asking for more tweets in order to open!

- capsule's "Player". I really like the more pop songs from "Player" ("Stay with You", "Love or Lies",..) and the trip-hop-ish "I was wrong". I can't wait for new album "Stereo Worxxx" next week!
- I watched a good show on NHK where Crazy Ken Band played 4 songs and Yokoyama Ken showed his cars and studio. I was surprised that he records all his vocals in the engineer room, with the music entering his mic, he said it's his recording style. This prompted me to listen to a good CKB album, "Soul Punch".
- Also "Motley Crue-L House", "The Chocolate Factory" (Nakatsuka Takeshi & friends), p&art sasanoooha, Harvard, groovin vox, Stereolab...

capsule "PLAYER", Nakata Yasutaka "Liar Game 2" Crazy Ken Band "Soul Punch" (CD+DVD) Various Artists "Motley Crue-L House" Various Artists "The Chocolate Factory" p&art sasanoooha "Panda to Sasanoha" Harvard "Hahvahd" groovin vox "the day i was born" Stereolab "Not Music"

Music release news: erectricmole, (((sssurrounddd))), "Liar Game" (Nakata Yasutaka), Tommy february6 & Tommy heavenly6

erectricmole "sakura" (Download) Nakata Yasutaka "Liar Game - saisei (Reborn) - Original Soundtrack" (((sssurrounddd))) "(((sssurrounddd)))" Tommy february6 & Tommy heavenly6 "February & Heavenly"

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I totally agree with the Capsule pop songs, in fact, it starts to be a bit annoying to me the too-miuch-techno stuff from their latest releases.

And the new Vanilla Beans song is extremely good!!!

Posted by Damian on March 10, 2012 at 18:53

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