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Art .19 0x20 & the El mas Santo book

August 19, 2010

Art 0x20 & the El mas Santo book

A few weeks ago, I turned 20 years old. It's true! In hexadecimal at least. :)

Just the day before my birthday, we got to meet net friends in visit from Poland! Last year I wrote about the El mas Santo figures that I received out the of the blue. Those were part of an art project by artist Kinga Offert, who made some hundreds of these and sent them to photographers all over the world. In exchange she just asked for pictures of them.

Less than a year later, Kinga published a thick and beautiful book containing many of the large color photos that were received. And so I finally got my copy! I was delighted not only to find my photos in there, but also that one of them inspired the title page drawing (actually a carving, like all the other illustrations featured)! See for yourself:

El Mas SantoEl Mas SantoEl Mas Santo
El Mas SantoEl Mas SantoEl Mas Santo

Of course I also got an autograph. :) This was also the first time that she got to meet one of her figures after having shipped it! She was surprised of the good condition, as they're quite fragile.

El Mas SantoEl Mas Santo

And the next day I even got this wonderful original birthday card by email, based on a "nurikabe" toy that she found at Nakano Broadway (a character from GeGeGe no Kitarō).


Other gifts I got this year included personalized cookies, a desktop animal box, and Hoshimaru-kun (Expo 85) triangular bags. :) We also found this ESSU frisbee just by chance when checking out a show at Enban!


Those interested in the El mas Santo book can find it on the official site. Aside from the photos, the book also contains an original story about the character, named El mas Santo, in Polish.

Larger sizes and more photos at Flickr

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