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Music .28 Last night's set list
Stage .25 Tokyo Boys Bravo vol.2, DJ chipple in Koenji 3/27
Music .24 "Kirakira Majocco Cluv" release party: report

March 28, 2010

Music Last night's set list

Last night was Tokyo Boys Bravo vol.2 at Koenji Connection where I was given the chance to DJ. Thanks to organizer Nagata-san, and also all fellow DJs and friends who made this event a lot of fun!

momo 8akira (domingo)donbei
chippleorange_junopolymoog (Elektel)
In order: momo 8, akira (domingo), donbei, me, orange_juno, polymoog (Elektel)

Here's my set list, or what I could manage to make note of.

1st set (from 21:00)

mahōtsukai Chappy / Takiguchi Mira × Sexy-Synthesizer (from "Kirakira Majocco Cluv")
  魔法使いチャッピー / 滝口ミラ × Sexy-Synthesizer
Pajama jama da! / Narikiyo Kanako
  パジャマじゃまだ! / 成清加奈子
kodoku na Beach Boy / arcorhyme (from "Soundmatic Brain")
  孤独なBeach Boy / アルコライム
Sentimental Journey / p&art sasanoooha
  センチメンタル・ジャーニー / パンダとササノハ
Lily Rose Melody / macdonald duck eclair
Ocean Blue Sky Orange / capsule
hoshisora no Passport / Haga Yui
  星空のパスポート / 芳賀ゆい
Milkyway Galaxy / MissWonda
Boy Meets Girl / Pizzicato Five
  ボーイ・ミーツ・ガール / ピチカート・ファイヴ
Testarossa Autodrive / Kavinsky

2nd set (from 23:20)

sumomo / Pom Pon Dahlia
  すもも / ポンポンダリア
konbini tengoku / Shishido Rumi
  コンビニ天国 / 宍戸留美
Pop Goes the World / Men Without Hats
Time To Move / Carmen (from "Chromeo DJ-KiCKS")
The More I See You / novaFASE
hoshimaru ondo / TPO

... I think that's about it.

For those who couldn't come, below is a short clip from Polymoog's mini-live, and also a selection of songs that can be heard on YouTube.

Polymoog (Elektel) live

mahōtsukai Chappy (Original)

Pajama jama da! / Narikiyo Kanako
(Urusei Yatsura opening theme / うる星やつらOP)

hoshimaru ondo / TPO

Larger sizes and more photos at Flickr

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March 25, 2010

Stage Tokyo Boys Bravo vol.2, DJ chipple in Koenji 3/27

Announcement! / 告知

I will be DJing at Koenji café-bar Connection on Saturday March 27, in an event focusing on techno-pop of the 80's. I will be playing some techo-kayō and some more recent techno-pop/pico-pico.

Entrance is free of charge, so please drop by and have a drink or a snack while listening to us! There will even be a live set by polymoog of Elektel. Last time he used a DS-10, SX-150 and other small/toy synthesizers.
The event goes from 18:00 until 24:00.



Tokyo Boys Bravo 東京ボーイズブラボーTokyo Boys Bravo vol.2
東京ボーイズブラボー vol.2

"Technopolis 2010"

on 3/27 (Saturday)
at Koenji Connection (map)


akira (domingo)
polymoog (Elektel)
momo 8

Live: polymoog

Price: free
Opens at 18:00, closes at 24:00

I will be playing from 20:30 and 23:00.

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March 24, 2010

Music "Kirakira Majocco Cluv" release party: report

On Sunday March 14 (White Day) was the release party event for "Kirakira Majocco Cluv" out last month. The album is a 30-song compilation (2 CDs) of club-oriented girl witch anime theme song covers. The concept is tight and well executed, featuring some 20 different female singers ranging from real singers to models and all kinds of idols. Featured are Vanilla Beans and Shinohara Tomoe.

The release party was held at Shibuya AX, and featured about 15 different singers, taking turns on stage to sing over their karaoke'd track. The event's MC, Kanagawa IQ, showed up between acts to talk with each guest. Towards the end was a special corner with Ōta Takako, the original singer and voice actress of 80's series Creamy Mami. She sang a duet with Shinohara Tomoe (song which is unfortunately not included on the album) and also the best of her repertory.

Here's the monstrous 3-hour set list we were treated to:

1. MC Kanagawa IQ / Phantom Minds ("mahō shōjo Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 1st" OP)
2. Takiguchi Mira / mahōtsukai Chappy ("mahōtsukai Chappy" OP)
3. Tashiro Sayaka / Rouge no dengon ("majo no takkyūbin")
4. Tashiro Sayaka / Suki Suki Song ("himitsu no Akko-chan" ED)
5. Suzuki Rin / Bin.Kan Rouge ("mahō no tenshi Creamy Mami")
6. Anzu Sayuri / fushigi na Melmo ("fushigi na Melmo" OP)
7. Anzu Sayuri / Super Love Lotion ("tokimeki Tonight" ED)
8. Satomi Akane / ojamajo Carnival!! ("ojamajo Doremi" OP)
9. No Color / innocent starter ("mahō shōjo Lyrical Nanoha" OP)
10. Vanilla Beans / fushigi iro Happiness ("mahō no Star Magical Emi" OP)
11. Vanilla Beans / LaLaLa ~ kuchibiru ni negai o komete ~ ("mahō no Stage Fancy Lala" OP)
12. Yokota Miki / hitoribocchi no Meg ("majokko Megu-chan" ED)
13. Asakura Erika / suki? kirai!? suki!!! ("zero no tsukaima ~futatsuki no kishi~" ED)
14. Kyan Chiaki / mahōtsukai Sally no uta ("mahōtsukai Sally" OP)
15. Marin / Teleportation . koi no mikakunin ("Esper Mami")
16. Marin / hana no ko Lunlun ("hana no ko Lunlun" OP)
17. chiaki / majokko Megu ("majokko Megu-chan" OP)
18. chiaki / tokimeki Tonight ("tokimeki Tonight" OP)
19. Shinohara Tomoe / Love sarigenaku ("mahō no tenshi Creamy Mami" OP)
20. Shinohara Tomoe / Delicate ni suki shite ("mahō no tenshi Creamy Mami" OP)
21. Ōta Takako & Shinohara Tomoe / maware migi
22. Ōta Takako / Delicate ni suki shite
23. Ōta Takako / Love sarigenaku
24. Ōta Takako / Bin.Kan Rouge
25. Ōta Takako / Pajama no mama de
26. Ōta Takako & Shinohara Tomoe / maware migi

That was all really a lot of fun! We also had the opportunity to experience "ota-call" (otaku calls from the audience) and "ota-gei" (otaku dance performances within the audience), while sometimes a bit annoying they did make things more lively. :)

Definitely check out the album if you haven't yet!

Here's a clip on YouTube of Ōta Takako singing "Bin.Kan Rouge" back in the day. It's quite a bit of a pico-pico track.

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