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Art Photo X-COLOR legal wall at Mito station

On Friday while waiting for a bus at Mito station (Ibaraki prefecture), I took this panorama of the large legal wall located at the south exit. This was created by artists featured in the X-COLOR exhibition in 2005, which I had reported back then.

This can be seen as one image at Flickr, best viewed in its larger size (5MB). For those who want yet more detail I've put even up this 18MB monster version too!

Writers: ESOW, KRESS, DICE, DEPAS, ROM, SUIKO, SASU, ICHI, KAMI, SKLAWL, NEIM, CASPER, PHIL, KRESS, MAKE, TABU, BUTOBASK (some of these artists' parts further the right have been removed since)

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