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On Sunday I dropped by the b6 in Harajuku, a new shopping complex. I didn't have much to do there, except that I was curious about checking out its odd design, and also the Café de Nodame currently being held at a café named Tribeca in there.

Café de Nodame recreates the messy bedroom of the heroine of "Nodame Cantabile", a manga by Ninomiya Tomoko turned into a hit TV series that I've been enjoying lately. It's about kids taking part in an orchestra, or main character Nodame's love story for successful pianist and conductor Chiaki. Sadly next week is the last, I'm looking forward to what will happen.
Needless to say, Café de Nodame was full and had a queue (though not one as bad as the one over at Krispy Kreme) so I couldn't peek inside.

You might not be able to see but, on the last two shots below, they were blowing fake snow inside the building as if it was coming from the woods of Meiji-jingū. They do that every hour for the time being, but it was no big deal.

Larger sizes at Flickr

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