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Last weekend we went to spent a night in Fukushima prefecture, and we did quite a bit of sight-seeing! I'll keep it short and let the photos speak.

After a quick stop at Hibara-ko (桧原湖), where some guy was trying to sell us a ride on his boat, we headed to Goshiki-numa (五色沼, translates to "Five-color ponds").

Goshiki-numa is, as the name says, a series of ponds where the water is said to be of five distinct colors. Some of the ponds are named after their color, like Aka-numa (赤沼, red), Ruri-numa (瑠璃沼, azure), Ao-numa (青沼, blue)... We took a short walk along Bishamon-numa (毘沙門沼), the largest of the ponds. There were small rowboats for rental, and as time passed there were more and more rowers on the lake.

毘沙門沼 - 五色沼毘沙門沼 - 五色沼毘沙門沼 - 五色沼毘沙門沼 - 五色沼毘沙門沼 - 五色沼毘沙門沼 - 五色沼

Larger sizes and many more photos at Flickr

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Ce lieu semble merveilleux sur tes photos. L'eau pure qui scintille au soleil et la végétation luxuriante donnent à cette place une qualité originelle. Je veux y être...

Posted by Maxime Arsenault on August 30, 2007 at 12:48

Merci! Oui en effet c'était très beau. :) J'aurais aimé voir les autres étangs aussi mais on avait plusieurs d'autres endroits à aller voir..!

Posted by Patrick on August 30, 2007 at 17:51

man nice pictures. I see loads of big fishes swimming in lakes and rivers in Japan, very nice big fishes. :P

Posted by Papigiulio on August 30, 2007 at 19:20

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